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No A/C in SFU Bennett Library

Published by Anonymous

Q: To whom it may concern.  The weather inside the library is really inconvenient. I think that the air condition system does not work appropriatelly. Also, you can see some individuals are having their meals inside the library and in this really inconvenient condition some spicific smells can distract you easilly. 

A: Unfortunately there is no air conditioning system in the Library and certain areas will get very warm as the temperature outside increases.  The best suggestion is that you look for a study spot near a window to get a bit of airflow.  There are opening windows in sections of all floors except Floor 5.

We have an open policy regarding eating in the Library, as long as the food doesn't disturb other users.  If you find that food smells or sounds are disturbing you, feel free to ask the person to put their food away.  And if you're not comfortable asking the person yourself, please let the staff at the service desk at the Library entrance know about the situation and they will talk to the person.

Food and drink policy - http://www.lib.sfu.ca/about/policies/food


Elaine Fairey

Associate University Librarian, Learning & Research Services


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