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Opening Windows on Upper Floors of Bennett

Published August 11, 2017 by Susie Benes

Q. Why does the Library limit the window openings on the upper floors? It is really hot up here! Maybe some more fans would be nice. Can we open the windows more?

A.  In regards to the widows not fully opening on the 6th floor, students were climbing out on the ledge, so we had to restrict the window opening for safety reasons. We will add additional fans to hopefully alleviate some of the heat discomfort.


Best regards,


Manager, Building & Equipment Services

Search Feature for Journals Frustration

Published August 11, 2017 by Susie Benes

Q. I hate the new search feature for journals. It used to be so much easier to just look up electronic journals. Now I have to plough through all journals, get offered papers from the journal that I don't
want and have to know the exact name of the journal. This is much more time consuming that the old method which was excellent.

Access to Online Texts for Non-Students

Published August 11, 2017 by Susie Benes

Q. I have invested in $35 charge for 4 month access to SFU library materials.  Several of the books recommended in history class are not available in hard book form, which I could sign out to read anywhere, but are available only as "full text online", which I can't access with my current library status.  I can appreciate the library is shifting more and more to digital access which is likely cheaper and provides more variety. But I feel that over time this disadvantages subscribers like me.

Check-out Laptops and Skype

Published August 11, 2017 by Susie Benes

Q. I have a question about the laptop rentals: Is Skype installed and usable? I have a Skype interview coming up, but my laptop is incapable of handling the program.


A. Yes Skype is installed and is usable on the check-out laptops.

Some of the laptops have a built-in camera and microphone, but I would suggest you also check out a headset while you're at Library loans just in case.



Neal Baldwin

Manager, Library Systems

New Catalogue System Search Changes

Published June 8, 2017 by Susie Benes

Q. The new system for finding references in the library is much worse than the previous system. There are a number of issues that make it very difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to use the new system.

1. The advanced search does not allow for searches prior to 20 years ago, when in fact many of us are searching for earlier references.  AND it is really frustrating that you cannot just put in a specific date - in the past, this has been the only way I've found a particular reference.

New Catalogue and Privacy

Published May 29, 2017 by Susie Benes

Q. I like the new catalogue interface but I noticed it is hosted on server located outside of Canada. What personal information as defined in Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act is being stored, is there an option to opt out of the new catalogue and have users been properly informed that library services may not be fulfilled with Canadian servers?

Specifically when I try to see what I have checked out, it takes me too which has an IP in Illinois, USA. Is my record being stored there?


Printing Refunds

Published May 29, 2017 by Susie Benes

Q. I tried to print on the 7th floor. However the printer says that it cannot print my file. So I cancelled it. But when I did that, it did not give me back the ~$3.10. How do I get my money back?

A.  How to request a refund from Papercut:

Front-Line Customer Service

Published May 3, 2017 by Susie Benes

Q. Some staff at the desk are very arrogant and rude. I hope these people know that most students are not trying to make their lives difficult.  I am not disparaging the work that you guys do, and I am very appreciative of how hard the job can be, but please show some flexibility in dealing with students.


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