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Microsoft Office on computers

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: Students need Microsoft word and excel on every computer on campus! We use Microsoft word for most of our projects and essays. Not all computers on campus have Microsoft word and excel, and opening up my files with other software messes up with the file format.

A: All library lab PCs have the Microsoft Office suite of products installed on them. If you ran across one that does not, please let us know what the location is and give us the computer number which is usually on a sticker near the back right of the PC case.

Also, you can always check out one of our student checkout laptops from the SFU library branches here at Bennett, at Belzberg, and at Fraser library.
If you were elsewhere on campus when you discovered a lap PC without Microsoft office products, please open a ticket with its-help@sfu.ca and let them know.
Neal Baldwin
Manager, Library Systems
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