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Special Collections and Rare Books (SCRB) is home to a number of archives, journals, monographs, and other resources which relate to the theme of arts and culture in British Columbia and Canada. Some of the material is available online. 

The SCRB holdings contain archives of selected individual visual artists, musicians, playwrights, dancers, choreographers, art critics and culture promoters as well as organizations involved in performance arts and promotion of culture. Each entry below provides a brief description of the materials, links to archival finding aids, Library Catalogue records, SFU Digitized Collections, or links to resources outside of SFU Library. For more materials related specifically to publishing and small press, see our Publishing and Small Press Research Guide.

Why are some materials "unprocessed"?

The work that archivists do in preparing materials for research use is called “processing.” This involves:

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  • making the materials discoverable by creating finding aids (like these pages), database records, and other tools
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Because we want our users to know we have relevant holdings to their research, we list and selectively provide access to our unprocessed collections.

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Archival collections

 Arts and culture

bill bissett fonds

Extent: 1.0 m of textual records and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-2

bill bissett is an experimental Canadian poet known for his anti-conventional and visionary style. The author of over 60 books of poetry and several thousand paintings, bissett (who deliberately does not capitalize his name) is considered to be a pioneer of sound, visual and performance poetry. While attending Dalhousie University in 1956, bissett "ran away with a preacher's son to join the circus," ending up in Vancouver in 1958 (ABC Bookworld). Although he attended UBC, he dropped out because of his desire to live as a free agent, writer and painter unencumbered by academic constraints. In 1963 he started the blewointment magazine and later launched blewointment press, which has published volumes by many experimental Canadian writers and artists. He is known for his use of a unique orthography and incorporating visual elements in his printed poetry, and his performance of "concrete sound" poetry, sound effects, chanting, and barefoot dancing during his poetry readings. He has also had large exhibits of his paintings and made audio recordings. He was the lyricist and vocalist in the Ontario band, Luddites. His work typically ranges from the mystical to the mundane, incorporating humour, a sense of wonder and sentimentality, and political commentary. bissett received the George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

The fonds consists primarily of manuscripts and poems,  journal entries, reviews, sketches and doodles, correspondence, paste-ups and graphics for several blewointment Press publications, and photographs of the press. SCRB only has a portion of bissett’s archive. The full bill bissett fonds can be found at York University’s Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections.

Michael de Courcy fonds

Extent: [ca. 60 cm of textual records and moving image material]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-155 [unprocessed]  

Michael de Courcy is an artist and educator who has exhibited both nationally and internationally and is represented in many public and private collections, including those of the Vancouver Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Canada. 
In the late 1960s, during his formative years as an artist, de Courcy was a core member of the Vancouver artists collective known as the Intermedia Society. Over the course of his career, generally using photography, he has worked in various combinations with printmaking and publishing, public art initiatives and installations, and web-based media projects.  

This unprocessed fonds consists of master videotapes and notes from two film projects: documentary portraits of Gerry Gilbert (The Big Break), taped in 1988, and Voice: Roy Kiyooka, taped in 1991. 

Perry Giguere “Perry the Poster Man”

Extent: [ca. 250,000 posters]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-197 [unprocessed]. Part of this collection has been digitized and can be browsed at Perry Giguere "Perry the Poster Man" Collection.  

This unprocessed collection was created by Perry Giguere, who made a living putting up promotional posters all over Vancouver from 1978 to 2018. These posters document protests, politics, benefits and causes, local music history, venues no longer existing, labour movements, indigenous and women’s rights activism, environmental activism, the LGBTQ community, festivals, dance and theatre. In addition to their informational value, many of the posters have value as artistic works, capturing the aesthetic trends of the time and the work of Vancouver artists such as Joe Average and Jim Cummins.

Paula Gustafson fonds

Extent: 1.25 m of textual records and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-67  

Paula Gustafson, born in Abbotsford, BC, was an artist and arts critic. Paula specialized in watercolor painting and botanical drawing as well as bronze casting, glassblowing, and crafting jewelry and handmade paper. She co-founded Artichoke, a Canadian visual art magazine and introduced a concept of Craft being categorized as Fine Art. She worked as editor and visual art critic and her writings were published in Canadian and international magazines.  

The fonds consists of records primarily reflecting Gustafson’s career as a successful artist and editor, spanning approximately from 1978 to 2006. Textual records in the fonds primarily consist of Artichoke business records, correspondence with Hilary Stewart, financial records and other miscellaneous records.

John Innes fonds

Extent: 21 drawings and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-144  

John Clarke Innes was born in London, Ontario on March 17, 1863. He was a painter, illustrator, writer, rancher, surveyor, and inventor. Innes was educated in England before returning to Canada and heading west as a surveyor and mapmaker for the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s. He settled in Alberta for a number of years where he ranched while contributing cartoons, illustrations, and articles to various publications and also publishing a newspaper, Mountain Echoes, with Charles Halpin. After serving in the Boer War, Innes returned to Ontario and then moved to New York where he worked as a staff artist for Hearst Newspapers.  

The fonds consists of records relating primarily to Innes’ drawing, painting, and writing. Records include original cartoons, publications containing Innes’ work, a chapbook, exhibit programs and reviews, and images of Innes’ paintings, as well as photographs of Innes, biographical material, and a patent agreement.

Kiss & Tell fonds

Extent: 3,250 photographs and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-165

Kiss & Tell is an artistic collective based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Members include Persimmon Blackbridge, Lizard Jones, and Susan Stewart. The group formed out of a larger meeting of feminists in 1984 who had gathered to discuss pornography, erotica, and sexual representation in art. The group created several performance art events, including the interactive photo exhibition that toured for several years titled, “Drawing the Line." Photographs were designed to be provocative and show lesbian sexual practices as a means of challenging censorship and imposed societal barriers/norms. The collective's work frequently addresses issues of censorship and lesbian sexual politics.

The fonds consists of records created and accumulated by the Kiss and Tell collective over the course of the collective’s operations. Records include photographs, correspondence, exhibition specifications and guidelines, and promotional and press materials.

John Koerner fonds

Extent: 45 cm of textual records  
Archival finding aid: MsC-173  

John Koerner was an artist and art teacher in Vancouver, B.C. Born in Moravia, Koerner studied law at Charles University in Prague and at the Sorbonne. With the rise of the Third Reich in Germany, he left Prague to live in Paris before settling in Vancouver, British Columbia.  

He worked as an artist and art teacher at the Vancouver School of Art and the University of British Columbia and became a member of the exhibition committee of the Vancouver Art Gallery. A number of his works were acquired by the National Gallery of Canada, the Tate in London, Clare Hall at Cambridge University and the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC. Koerner was influenced by Japanese art and the German spiritual philosopher and painter Bô Yin Râ. The fonds consists of photographs, diaries and journals documenting Koerner's artworks and travels to Japan, and one drawing.

George Kuthan collection

Extent: 66 drawing and 2 posters  
Archival finding aid: MsC-143  

George Kuthan was born in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia in 1916. He was a medical student at the University of Prague when the Nazis closed it in 1939. It was at this time that he turned his attention to art, which he studied at Prague’s School of Decorative Arts.Then, he attended the graphic studio at the Ecole des Beaux Arts until 1950 when he immigrated to Canada and was introduced to Robert Reid for whom he illustrated several books. His interest in nature is one of the several aspects of his work. As a graphic artist he illustrated books, Christmas cards and other materials using printing methods such as etching, wood-engraving, and lino-cutting.  

This collection consists of pen and brush drawings based on the flora (fungi, wildflowers, trees) and fauna (butterflies, owls, foxes, birds, and insects) of British Columbia. 

Gordon E. McCaw Street Art Photograph collection

Extent: [ca. 750 photographs]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-166 [unprocessed]. Part of this collection has been digitized and can be browsed at Vancouver Street Art Photograph Collection.

Between 1980 and 1992, McCaw took a series of approximately 750 photographs documenting street art and graffiti in locations around Vancouver. The graffiti and street art appearing in these images reflects the political issues, concerns and popular culture of the times in which it was produced. Many of the photographs also stand today as a record of the changing physical landscape of the city, documenting buildings, spaces and views that have disappeared in the intervening decades. 

Shani Mootoo fonds

Extent: 5.25 m of textual records and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-76

Shani Mootoo is known for her work as an artist and writer. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, and raised in Trinidad. She came to Canada at the age of nineteen and earned a fine arts degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1980. She established herself as a painter and video producer before turning her talents to writing. Mootoo’s works include Cereus Blooms at Night, Valmiki’s Daughter, Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab, and Polar Vortex. She is a recipient of the K.M. Hunter Artist Award, a Chalmers Arts Fellowship, and the James Duggins Mid-Career Novelists’ Prize. Her work has been longlisted and shortlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, the International DUBLIN Literary Award, and the Booker Prize. Through the use of subtle humour, rich texts and images, her work addresses issues of identity, and challenges the dominant stereotyping of race, gender and sexuality as they impact on her everyday life. 

The fonds reflects Mootoo's work as a writer and artist. It contains printed typescripts of published works with drafts and related working papers, published reviews, drafts of unpublished works, lecture notes, professional correspondence, notebooks and sketchbooks, video productions in VHS format, audio materials and works of visual art.

Charles van Sandwyk fonds

Extent: 95 cm of graphic material and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-111  

Charles Van Sandwyk was borned in South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 1977. He is a writer, illustrator and artist. He created a number of illustrated books.   

The fonds primarily contains examples of art created by Charles van Sandwyk from 1987-2005. The art includes prints, ephemera from books published by van Sandwyk, and ephemera from art exhibitions. Also included are biographical items about van Sandwyk, and two photographs of the artist. 

Darren Wershler-Henry fonds

Extent: [ca. 6 m of multi-media records]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-92 [unprocessed]  

Darren Wershler-Henry is a non-fiction writer, cultural critic, and "recovering poet." He has written widely on the shared concerns of literary theory and cultural politics.

The unprocessed fonds consists of correspondence, manuscripts, original art, music, ephemera, books, zines, layouts, grant applications and reports, financial records, academic and teaching papers, T-shirts, notebooks and Wershler-Henry's MA and PhD theses.


Judith Marcuse fonds

Extent: 10 meters of textual records and other material   
Archival finding aid: MsC-181. Part of this collection has been digitized and can be browsed at Judith Marcuse Dance Collection.  

Judith Marcuse was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1947. She studied ballet in the US, Canada and London, UK and performed with various dance companies for twenty-five years. Marcuse choreographed professionally since 1974 and created over a hundred new works for dance, theatre, film and opera in Canada and abroad. She created Judith Marcuse Dance Projects Society, the organization that would serve as the administrative structure for all her projects. She received many awards for her contributions to the arts.  

The fonds consists of over 3000 photographs and over 400 video recordings, over 200 audio recordings. It also includes personal, administrative and production records for Judith Marcuse and her production company Judith Marcuse Projects (also known as Repertory Dance Company, Judith Marcuse Dance Company, DanceArts, Judith Marcuse Dance Projects Society). Spanning from 1956-2019, the fonds documents Marcuse’s life as a dancer and work choreographing, directing and producing dance and multi-disciplinary performing arts projects and festivals. 

Mary Macaree sous-fonds

Extent: 17 cm of textual records  
Archival finding aid: MsC-177  

Mary Macaree was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada. She was trained as a teacher and librarian. One of Mary’s hobbies included Scottish country dancing and she also took a philanthropic interest in the development of libraries and programs supporting Scottish culture and studies. She and her husband were avid hikers and proponents of the outdoors, together they authored two popular books “103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia” and “109 Walks in British Columbia's Lower Mainland”.

Ruth Emerson Wortis fonds

Extent: 40 cm of textual records, [ca. 2250 photographs], and [ca. 10 video recordings]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-185. Part of this collection has been digitized and can be browsed at Ruth Emerson Wortis Collection.  

Ruth Emerson (Wortis), born in California, was a dancer, choreographer, dance educator, and a pioneer of postmodern dance. In 1987, Ruth moved to Vancouver. She helped to develop the first Provincial Dance Curriculum for B.C. schools under the Provincial Ministry of Education. As a Sessional Instructor at the Centre for the Arts and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Education at Simon Fraser University, she developed and taught a program for student teachers. She also continued to perform and to choreograph locally, offering dance courses at local community centres. She served nationally on the grant selection committee of the Canada Council, Dance Section.  

This fonds follows the development of Ruth’s career through an extensive collection of performance programs, photographs, music scores, publications and reviews, choreographic materials such as dance and movement scores, and both personal and professional notes. 


Martin Bartlett fonds

Extent: 2.2 m of textual records and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-24

Born in Croydon, England, in 1939, Martin Bartlett grew up in Vancouver, BC when his family immigrated in 1952. He received Bachelor’s degrees in English (1960) and Music (1965) from the University of British Columbia and a Master’s Degree in Arts (1968) from Mills College, Oakland, where he studied electroacoustic music and composition with Terry Riley, Pandit Pranh Nath, and Pauline Oliveros. He was influenced by David Tudor and John Cage, having met Cage at Emma Lake in Saskatchewan in 1965. He was a founding member of the Western Front Society in Vancouver and started the music program there in 1974. He taught composition at the University of Victoria (1974-1982) and later at Simon Fraser University (1982-1992), eventually becoming the first director of graduate studies for the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU.  

Bartlett took an early interest in building electronic instruments, working with Don Buchla, David Behrman and others. He also had a great passion for the music of Indonesia, and in the mid-1980s, Bartlett was responsible for bringing the Javanese Gamelan to Simon Fraser University. His own work was often collaborative and aleatoric, and he also worked in theatrical and mixed media environments. He made an important and original contribution to the development of live electronic music, devising elegant and open interactions for instrumental performers and computer-controlled synthesizer. Martin Bartlett died in 1993 of AIDS-related causes.  

This fonds contains writings, notebooks, scores, computer software, photographic materials, audio and video recordings, two synthesizers, a computer and other material relating to the life experiences and creative output of Martin Bartlett.

Vancouver Folk Music festival fonds

Extent: [ca. 2 m of photographs and other material]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-208 [unprocessed]

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is a Canadian, community-based celebration internationally renowned for presenting the finest traditional and contemporary folk and roots music from around the world. The Festival was founded in 1978 and held in Stanley Park. It relocated to Jericho Beach Park in its second year. Following initial sponsorship from the city, the Festival came under the control of the newly established non-profit Vancouver Folk Music Festival Society in late 1979. In the Festival's early years, it established and ran its own record label and distribution company, Festival Records. Over the years, the Vancouver Folk Music Festival has played a key role in the development of artists and audiences on a regional, national, and international level. 

This unprocessed fonds consists of almost 13,000 photographs, textual records (such as programs and posters), as well as many audiovisual records documenting the Vancouver Folk Music Festival from 1978–2016.

Vancouver Punk Rock collection

Extent: [ca. 600 posters], 100 audio recordings, and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-109 [unprocessed]. Part of this collection has been digitized and can be browsed at Vancouver Punk Rock Collection.

The punk movement in Vancouver promoted various social and political causes, such as the environment, women’s rights and opposition to racism. This unprocessed collection is comprised of approximately 600 posters, 100 CDs/LPs/45s, photographs, periodicals, various pieces of ephemera, and a genealogy of the punk bands which provide a glimpse into the vibrant Vancouver punk scene.

Ian Walker fonds

Extent: [ca. 1.3m of textual records and other material]   
Archival finding aid: MsC-51 [unprocessed]

Carl Ian Walker was a lawyer, magistrate and provincial court judge. He was a bagpiper and a prominent member of the BC Pipers’ Associations. This fonds consists of Scottish music material including: photographs, music sheets, and paintings.


Lynn Coady fonds

Extent: 2.15 m of textual records and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-75

Lynn Coady, born in Nova Scotia, was a writer and journalist. She taught creative writing at SFU. Her body of works includes fiction, non-fiction, plays and screenplays. The fonds contains drafts and manuscripts of articles, short fiction, scripts, and novels, as well as originals and reproductions of Coady’s publications, notebooks, reviews and articles about Coady and her work, and other records related to Coady’s writing and editing activities and projects.

Dennis Foon fonds

Extent: [ca. 8 m of textual records and other material]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-214 [unprocessed]

Dennis Foon is a Canadian playwright, producer, screenwriter and novelist. He was co-founder and artistic director of Green Thumb Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia. There he wrote and produced a body of plays that continue to be produced internationally in numerous languages. He has received the British Theatre Award, two Chalmers awards, the Jesse Richardson Career Achievement Award, a Governor General's nomination, and the International Arts for Young Audiences Award. In 2007, he was made a lifetime member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada. Foon's screenplays have continued his exploration into the psyche of youth: Little Criminals (1995), produced as a CBC movie about an 11-year-old gang leader, won multiple national and international awards; Life, Above All (2011), is a feature that received a ten-minute standing ovation at Cannes; it was shortlisted for a 2011 best foreign language Oscar. He has won a Gemini Award, two Writers Guild of Canada Awards, two Leos, and numerous other international awards for his screenplays.

The unprocessed fonds consists of records relating to the work of Dennis Foon from circa 1973 till 2014. The records relate to his activities as a playwright, screenwriter for film and television, novelist and producer, including his activities as founder and artistic director of the Green Thumb Theatre. The records include textual records, digital records, moving images and sound recordings. 

Nora D. Randall fonds

Extent: [ca. 2.3 m of textual records and other materials]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-262 [unprocessed]

Nora D. Randall is a lesbian feminist writer whose work ranged from radio, film, and print. Together with her partner Jackie Crossland, they founded the theatre and storytelling company, Random Acts, in 1988. Together they wrote, produced and directed stories about lesbians and working women that were presented in festivals in Canada and the United States.

The unprocessed fonds includes recordings of performances, scrapbooks, press releases, promotional material, scripts, newspaper clippings, reviews, contracts, and art journals. It also includes documentation from Women Against Budget, a feminist organization inside the Solidarity Movement that opposed the Bennett government restraint budgets. 

Tamahnous Theatre fonds

Extent: 3.5 m of textual records and other material  
Archival finding aid: MsC-59  

The Tamahnous Theatre Workshop Society (later Tamahnous Theatre) was incorporated in Vancouver, BC in 1971. Original members included John Gray, Larry Lillo, Steven E. Miller, Sue Astley, Suzie Payne, Ed Astley, and Jeremy Long. Between 1971 and 1994 the company mounted over 100 productions including many original plays. The company became known in Vancouver in the 1970s for its emphasis on experimental theatre and collective creation and would go on to win numerous Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards in the 1980s.  

The fonds consists of records related to theatrical productions mounted by the Tamahnous Theatre Workshop Society and general and administrative records related to the company's operations. 

Theatre For Living Society

Extent: [ca. 10 m of textual records and other material]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-254 [unprocessed]  

Theatre for Living Society (TFL), originally known as Headlines Theatre was founded in 1981. Its Artistic Director since 1984 and co-founder, David Diamond facilitated over 600 projects. With the company’s motto “Theatre by community for the community”, Theatre For Living worked with many groups around the world including First Nations, refugees, women's groups, environmentalists, street youth, health practitioners, and the homeless population.   

This unprocessed fonds consists of administrative files, correspondence, photographs, posters, programmes and recordings relating to TFL productions, workshops and other activities. 

Vancouver Moving Theatre

Extent: [ca. 8 m of textual records and other material]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-274 [unprocessed]

Founded in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in 1983 by Executive Director Terry Hunter and Savannah Walling, award winning Vancouver Moving Theatre (VMT) is a professional community engaged arts organization that creates interdisciplinary events and activities. The company also produces the annual flagship Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival which promotes the culture, heritage, arts, people and great stories about the Downtown Eastside.

This unprocessed fonds consists of administrative files, correspondence, photographs, programmes and other materials related to VMT productions and other activities. 

Vancouver Performance Community Ephemera collection

Extent: [ca. 1.5 m of photographs and other material]  
Archival finding aid: MsC-211

Ephemera is an ongoing archiving project that celebrates all of the performing arts community in Vancouver. It is co-produced by Rumble Theatre and Theatre Replacement, in collaboration with Simon Fraser University Library Special Collections and Rare Books. Partners for previous iterations of the event also include the GVPTA and Upintheair Theatre. Ephemera asks artists and arts organizations to contribute "bits and pieces of creative materials, office work and production pieces — items that would otherwise be discarded — to a collective archive"  to celebrate shared memories of the Vancouver performance community.

The events include: Ephemera I (March 29, 2018 at the Progress Lab 1422), Ephemera II with GVPTA (May 30, 2019 at The Post at 750), Ephemera III with Upintheair Theatre (June 18-27, 2020, online), Ephemera IV (June 26 - 27 2021 at Progress Lab 1422) and Ephemera V: From the Past to the Future (June 26, 2022 at Progress Lab 1422).

The unprocessed collection includes photographs, programs, postcards, textual records, scripts, and many other pieces of ephemera.

Digital collections

Art Images  
A collection of online images documenting a broad range of art in support of teaching, learning, and research at SFU. Currently, the collection is composed of over 6000 images with an emphasis on the history of Western Art.

British Columbia Postcards Collection  
This is an historically significant collection of over 6,000 B.C. postcards that visually and vividly capture a wide array of places, people, events, industries, geographic landmarks, architectural highlights, modes of transportation – all associated with British Columbia. Many are from the "golden age" of postcards, 1900 to 1920, as well as the period from 1920 until WW2.

Philip Francis Postcard Collection  
This collection of 13,000 postcards (approximately 6,000 of which are digitized and available here) tells the story of the early development of British Columbia, illustrating the key contribution of immigrants to the economic growth of western Canada, through transportation systems and urbanization and the development of the resource industries of mining, forestry, and fishing.

Bill Reid Centre Collection  
The Bill Reid Centre Collection is a collection of images that records the arts and architecture of the various First Nations of the Pacific Northwest, focusing on their many and varied artistic and material expressions. The records in the collection are images brought together in a vast mosaic of this remarkable tradition. It seeks to promote an appreciation and understanding of the art, culture, and history of Northwest Coast First Nations through the use of early explorers' drawings, sketches, paintings, and original photography.

Vancouver Soundscape Project Collection  
The World Soundscape Project was an educational and research group consisting of composers, activists and students established by R. Murray Schafer at Simon Fraser University during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It grew out of Schafer's initial attempt to draw attention to the sonic environment through a course in noise pollution. The group embarked first on a detailed study of the City of Vancouver, published as The Vancouver Soundscape in 1973/1975. The Vancouver Soundscape Project was extended in 1993 by re-recording soundscapes in many of the same locations originally visited by the WSP team.

Books and other published material

Special Collections and Rare Books is also home to a number of monographs and journals that focus on arts and culture in British Columbia. The following subject heading links will lead you to resources in Special Collections. Try your own search, or expand to include all of the library’s collections.

Newspapers and journals

Established in 1943, Canadian Art was a quarterly art magazine published in Toronto and focused on Canadian contemporary art. The magazine published profiles of artists, art news, interviews, editorials, and reviews of modern art exhibitions. Between 1968 and 1983 it was known as artscanada. In 1984, it merged with artmagazine, and was known as Canadian Art again, until it ceased publication in 2021.

Collapse: The View From Here  
British Columbian arts journal established in 1995 by the Vancouver Art Forum Society.

Canadian literary magazine established in 1990 by Stephen Osborne and Mary Schendlinger. The magazine publishes quarterly and discusses arts and culture in Canada, as well as fiction, non-fiction, photography, comix, reviews, poetry, and cartography.

Provincial Essays  
Canadian literary magazine established in 1984 by the Phacops Publishing Society and published by Coach House Press.

Rice Paper: Contemporary Pacific Rim Canadian Literary Arts  
Vancouver-based Canadian magazine which has showcased Asian Canadian literature, culture, and the arts since 1994.

Vancouver Folk Song and Folk Dance Festival with Arts and Crafts Exhibition Programme  
Exhibition programs for the Vancouver Folk Song and Dance Festival held in 1936, 1938 and 1942.

Monthly magazine produced by the Vancouver Art Gallery from 1972 to 1984, containing reviews and critical articles on Canadian art and artists. 


Art in Action / by Gerry Gilbert,   
In 1969, the Vancouver Art Gallery hosted an exhibition called Art in Action, which poet Gerry Gilbert and Elizabeth Coleman recorded. 1 film reel (approx. 3 min) : black and white ; 8 mm, 3 inch reel in plasitc container 9 x 8 x 3 cm.

The Beach: [San Francisco's North Beach 1950's] / produced by CA Palm   
Produced and directed by Mary Kerr and edited by Elaine G. Trotter in 1995, this documentary portrays the history of San Francisco's North Beach in the 1950s, focusing on the artists, writers, and "Beat" hipsters who made "The Beach" legendary.    

Money / by Henry Hills, co-produced by Segue Foundation  
Upon moving to New York in 1978 experimental filmmaker Henry Hills, began an association with the “L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E” poets and with the first generation Downtown improvised music scene. Money (1985) documents these movements of the early 80s with an all-star artist cast, while simultaneously developing parallel formal innovations. One of the densest sync-sound films ever made (2500 “scenes” in 15 min.), Money, was the culmination of a string of radically formal investigatory studies (Plagiarism and Radio Adios) into the possibilities of sound/image sync. Production of Money was supported by grants from the NEA and the New York State Council on the Arts. The film was accompanied by an equally experimental book, Making Money (Roof Books, NYC, 1986).

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