Streaming video for required course videos

The Library will digitize existing DVDs and provide them in streaming format for courses under specific conditions explained below.

How to request streaming video of DVDs for classroom viewing

Contact with any questions about this service.

Policy background

The policy for providing online access to streaming video reserves via Canvas is derived from the 2012 Copyright Modernization Act, specifically section 30.01. Section 30.01 facilitates the use of copyright protected works in the online environment that matches how copyright protected works can be used in the physical classroom. Copying of the DVD is done in accord with Section 41.1, Technological Protection Measures, which makes it an offence to break a technological protection measure when copying a copyright protected work.

Conditions to be met

In order to comply with Canada’s Copyright Act and related legal issues regarding digitizing and streaming video the following conditions must be met:

  • The film must not already be available commercially as a streaming video.
  • The DVD must be required viewing for the class and form an integral part of classroom or tutorial discussions. Supplemental or optional material is not eligible.
  • SFU Library makes DVD video available as streaming video in Canvas based on faculty request in compliance with sections 30.01 (exceptions for online instruction) and 41.1 (technological protection measures section).
  • The DVD must either be part of the SFU Library’s collection, or be owned by the instructor. We are not able to use Blu-Ray DVDs or VHS.
  • The Library requires 2 (two) weeks lead time to capture and stream the DVD.
  • The Library will delete the file from the streaming server within 30 days of the last day of classes.

Details on digitization and access

SFU Library staff will:

  • digitize the requested DVD
  • upload the file to the Library’s streaming video service provider
  • send the instructor a proxied link to the file along with a required copyright statement.

The link and copyright statement is placed in Canvas by the instructor thus allowing their students, and only their students, to access the streaming video.