Games Room -- Appropriate Conduct

In order to ensure a pleasant environment and to respect the rights of all members of the campus community, the Library and SFU Surrey Gaming Club ask that all users of the Games Room respect the following Code of Conduct and other relevant policies established by SFU Library and by Simon Fraser University.

Appropriate behaviour in the Games Room means:

  • Treating all users and staff with respect
  • Being inclusive of others wanting to use the games room and sharing the equipment fairly with all users
  • Refraining from behaviour that may be interpreted as intimidating, disruptive or offensive to other users, for example yelling or swearing
  • Communicating issues and suggestions and immediately reporting abuses, problems and problem users to Library staff
  • Preventing damage to computing resources and unnecessary use of staff time by:
    • not interfering with the staff installations of the computers, wiring or networks
    • not seeking unauthorized access to computers, wiring or networks
    • not violating copyright or patent protection and authorizations or license agreements and other contracts
  • Complying with Simon Fraser University Policy GP-24 Policy and Procedure on the Fair Use of Information Resources
  • Using SFU materials, equipment and facilities with care and respect and refraining from damaging or seeking unauthorized access to any resources
  • Refraining from consuming food
  • Disposing of personal garbage or recycling in the appropriate containers
  • Exiting the Library promptly at closing time and during emergency situations or drills

Owned by: Soo Oh
Last revised: 2015-07-03