English Literature information resources: Facts & data


A handbook is a single-volume reference book of compact size that provides concise factual information on a specific subject, organized systematically for quick and easy access. The following lists just a few of the handbooks useful for English Literature research.


Time Period

  • Classical myths and legends in the Middle Ages and Renaissance [print]
  • A companion to English renaissance literature and culture [print]
  • Romanticism: an Oxford guide [print]
  • The Victorian literature handbook [print]
  • The Oxford companion to twentieth-century literature in English [print]
  • A concise companion to modernism [print]


  • The handbook of African American literature [print]
  • A critical handbook of children's literature [print]
  • The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare [print]
  • The feminist companion to literature in English: women writers from the Middle Ages to the present [print]
There are many individual volumes devoted to particular time periods, literary movements, geographic areas and specific authors. The Cambridge Companion to Literature series is a great place to start.