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Earth Sciences information resources: Facts & data

Handbooks and data

  • Chemical elements in the environment: factsheets for the geochemist and environmental scientist [print]​
  • CRC handbook of chemistry and physics [online or ​print]​
  • Characteristics of geologic materials and formations: a field guide for geotechnical engineers [print]​
  • Geotechnical earthquake engineering handbook
  • Geotechnical engineering investigation handbook [online or ​print]​   
  • Geotechnical investigation methods: a field guide for geotechnical engineers [print]
  • Global earth physics: a handbook of physical constants [print]
  • Groundwater chemicals desk reference [print]
  • Handbook of Holocene palaeoecology and palaeohydrology [print]
  • Handbook of paleontological techniques. Prepared under the auspices of the Paleontological Society [print]
  • Handbook of soil analysis: mineralogical, organic and inorganic methods
  • Metamorphic rocks and their geodynamic significance: a petrological handbook [online or print]
  • Metamorphic rocks: a classification and glossary of terms [print]
  • Mineral physics & crystallography: a handbook of physical constants [print]
  • Physical properties of rocks and minerals [print]
  • Practical handbook of soil, vadose zone and ground water contamination: assessment, prevention and remediation [print]


  • Atlas géologique du monde = Geological world atlas [print]
  • Atlas of Canada - From Natural Resources Canada. Contains thematic maps, reference maps for classroom use and links to historical editions of the Canada's National Atlases.
  • Atlas of paleogeographic maps of North America [print]
  • Atlas of seismic stratigraphy [print]
  • CSEG/CSPG geophysical atlas of western Canadian hydrocarbon pools [print]
  • Face of time; the geological history of Western Canada [print]
  • Geological atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin [print]
  • Geological atlas of Western and Central Europe [print]
  • SFU Ore mineral atlas / Dan Marshall, C.D. (Lyn) Anglin and Hamid Mumin [print]
  • SEM petrology atlas [print]
  • Stratigraphic atlas of North and Central America [print]

Geology field trip guides

  • Field guide to gold, gemstone and mineral sites of British Columbia [print]
  • Field trip guidebook. Field trip guides prepared for the joint annual meeting of the Geological Association of Canada, Mineralogical Association of Canada and the Canadian Geophysical Union, held at the University of Victoria, May 11-13, 1983 [print]
  • Floods, faults and fire: geological field trips in Washington state and southwest British Columbia [print]
  • Geological field trips in southern British Columbia [print]
  • Geology of southern Vancouver Island [print]
  • SFU Geology tours of Vancouver's buildings and monuments / Peter S. Mustard, Z.D. (Danny) Hora, Cindy D. Hansen [print]
  • SFU Late Quaternary geology of southwestern British Columbia / by John J. Clague and John L. Luternauer (1983) [print]
  • Roadside geology of Southern British Columbia [print]
  • Transect of the southern Canadian Cordillera from Calgary to Vancouver [print]
  • SFU Vancouver, city on the edge: living with a dynamic geological landscape [print]
  • Vancouver geology [print]