Locating Quantums and Sentences

Quantums specify the amount of compensation given to a party, or in the case of criminal law, the sentence imposed. This Latin word literally translates to of what size or amount.

Use this guide to locate:

  • Sentences from criminal cases (where a sentence was delivered)
  • Quantum amounts from personal injury cases (where a quantum was awarded)

Note: if a legal case settles before going to trial, the settlement details will typically not be documented in a publicly-accessible source.


Quantums may be awarded in personal injury civil cases. A quantum in a criminal case is called a sentence. Victims from criminal matters may seek a quantum for damages in the civil court system.
Quantum case matters are broad and may include, for instance, police assault, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, and sexual assault.


LexisNexis Quicklaw

Several sources in Quicklaw report on quantums awarded in a range of cases.

  • Carlson Personal Injury: Browse by injury cause, injury type, and other variables​​. Includes quantums from civil cases for damages caused by criminal offences (e.g., assault) 
  • Canada Wrongful Dismissal Quantum
  • Wrongful Dismissal Notice Searcher

To access:

  1. Log into QuickLaw
  2. Under Secondary Materials, select the option, Quantums
  3. Select from various Quantum reporting services. 

Please note Quicklaw lists additional quantum reporting services we do not have subscription access to. 


Westlaw Next Canada


1. Canadian Sentencing Digest

The Nadin-Davis Sentencing Digest summarizes Canadian criminal case sentences. Cases can be searched by Statute/Criminal Code section. Coverage from 1980-present.

To access:

  1. Log into Westlaw Next Canada (or see the print version)
  2. Under My Subscriptionsselect CriminalSource
  3. Under Commentary -- Texts and Annotations, select Canadian Sentencing Digest

2. The Canadian Abridgment Digest (CAD). Browse cases by topic involving personal injury.  Note, however, that the CAD also summarizes all cases, including many where no quantum was awarded.

To access:

  1. Log into Westlaw Next Canada
  2. Under Finding Tools, select the Canadian Abridgement Digest
  3. Select a relevant broad-level heading, e.g., Torts 
  4. Drill down the menu tree for cases by specific topic such as Negligence--Occupiers' liability--Particular situations--Ice and snow.


Additional Sources

The database Rangefindr - available via drop-in at the Vancouver Courthouse Library and other Metro Vancouver Courthouse libraries - allows researchers to quickly find criminal sentence ranges.