How do I create a stable link to an article in Factiva?

Factiva does not support direct linking to SFU Library licensed content in the way that many databases do. This means that the ‘Direct Link’ provided by Factiva will not redirect to an SFU login that would allow users from the SFU community to access the linked content.

To create a permanent link to an article in Factiva you can use the Citation Finder tool in the Library Catalogue. Fill in the form with as much of the citation information as possible from your article. (Often the article title, journal title and year will suffice, but add more fields if necessary.) Click Submit.

After testing the link(s) in your results to be sure they lead to the right article, right-click on Factiva in your results and copy that link as your stable link.

For more information on article citations, see our guide From Citation To Article. If you need help, please ask a librarian for assistance.