BUS 722: Special Topics in Business Administration

One of the assignments for BUS 722 this term requires finding recent articles from a short list of publications.  This guide will hopefully save you some time finding those magazines & newspapers in the SFU Library.

Magazine/Newspaper Recent Print Recent Online
Burnaby Surrey Vancouver PDF HTML
Economist Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Globe & Mail Yes Yes Yes See note 5 below Yes
New York Times Yes No Yes No Yes
Wall Street Journal No No No No Yes

Notes about the Table

  1. Recent issues of the print magazines & newspapers we carry in Surrey are in the Journals area to the right of the photocopy room in our Fraser Library.
  2. In cases where we've indicated that PDF copies are available, they are page images: copies of exactly what you would see if you were to read the print version of the publication.
  3. HTML copies, on the other hand, are generally text-only, with any images and special formatting removed.  
  4. The HTML versions of a few of these publications (New York Times, Globe & Mail, Wall Street Journal) are available via Factiva. The links in the table will take you to a pre-run Factiva search of each publication. You can either browse the article titles or click on Modify Search to refine your search with further terms. Just add... and [your search terms] to the existing search.

    For example: rst=NYTF and network and management will find articles in the New York Times (via Factiva) with the words network and management in them, and the results will be displayed with the most recent articles at the top. 
  5. The Globe & Mail is a special case in that recent issues (last 3 months) are also available in page-image format through our PressReader database: Globe & Mail. (Follow that link, then use the calendar options at the top of the screen to navigate to other recent issues of the G&M.)
    1. To get a PDF version of an article, you'd need to use whatever print-to-PDF function is available on your computer (the SFU Library machines all do this sort of thing).


  1. If possible, browse recent issues of the publication instead of searching for random keywords. An article may not include any of the common keywords (information technology, networks, information systems, etc.) yet still be perfectly relevant to your topic. 
  2. If you need to make a PDF of a print article, all of our libraries have both flatbed scanners and photocopiers with scan-to-email functions. See this FAQ for details.
  3. Also, try your local public library for many of these publications, or pick up an issue at your local bookstore or convenience store.


  • Please don't hesitate to ask for help at the reference/help desk in any of our library branches. 
  • Also try our guide to Finding News Sources.
  • And if you need help with writing in business / professional format, start with our guide to Business Writing resources, or try the Business resources listed in the Business section of our Student Learning Commons: Disciplines resource links.

Good luck with your assignment!