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Changes coming to access procedures for WRDS

Published by Mark Bodnar

Screen capture of the logo of the WRDS database
Starting next week (Nov. 28, 2022), the procedures for accessing our WRDS financial datasets will change. Wharton Research Data Services has already emailed current registered users about the new procedures, but I thought I'd post the main details and ways to learn more for anyone who missed the emails.

 Short version: WRDS is implementing 2-factor authentication (2FA) as part of its access procedures:

  • This will involve installing an authentication app. Sadly, it's not the same app that most SFU students, staff, and faculty already have installed. 
  • The initial roll-out of this new procedure will apply to those who have registered for individual accounts and are accessing WRDS via the web interface. You'll be able to opt-in for the new approach as of Nov. 28th, and it will be required as of Dec. 5, 2022.  
  • A second phase of the roll-out will expand 2FA to those who have accounts and access the database via SSH. That phase is expected to start in early 2023,and will likely be preceded by still more mass emails from WRDS to all users.
  • The new 2FA procedure does not apply to our General Access version of WRDS. That access method already has a version of 2-factor authentication that uses institutional email addresses instead of phone apps.

 Where to learn more: WRDS has provided a wealth of information: 

 Where to get help: Start with the WRDS resources above, but if you're stuck after that... 

  • Submit a support request via WRDS. 
    You shouldn't need to be logged in to do so. If you do end up at a login screen, look for "Info / Support Request" at the bottom of the screen.
  • If WRDS can't help you, contact me at the address below.
    Remember that you can continue accessing WRDS via our General Access route without needing to set up the new authentication app while you wait for the issues to be sorted out!

Fingers crossed that the implementation of this new procedure goes smoothly! 

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian

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