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Work-life balance, ecosystem accounting, & causes of death: A few recent Statistics Canada Daily highlights

Source: https://thenounproject.com/term/pie-chart/805/
Published by Mark Bodnar

When you think of Statistics Canada, is the population census the first thing that comes to mind? I suspect that's pretty common -- the census is, after all, a huge undertaking that touches on (and measures) all of us.

But Statistics Canada is about so much more than just the quinquennial counting of citizens!  Here are just a few of the cool things they've published in the last few months (and yes, I'm aware that my definition of "cool" may need some work!):

All of these articles were highlighted in Statistics Canada's The Daily -- consider registering for their email updates to keep up on the many useful reports being published about Canada's economy, society, and more. You never know when a newly released bit of data will take you down a new research path!

-- MarkB


Business & Economics Librarian