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Wall Street Journal: Online in many languages for SFU researchers!

Published by Mark Bodnar

The Wall Street Journal is pretty much standard reading for business people, including business faculty and students, so of course the SFU Library provides access to it!  In fact, we have many different editions available for your online enjoyment. For most of the editions listed below, our access is in text-only format via our Factiva database, although you can also get beautiful page-image access (pictures of the actual print pages) for recent WSJ-Asia and WSJ-Europe issues via our PressDisplay database.

And, if you are doing more historical research, we also provide the Historical Wall Street Journal online -- page images (complete with ads, charts, and pictures) from 1889 to 18 years ago.  (Issue #1 on July  8, 1889 cost just two cents!) ** Note: If you use one of the editions available through Factiva, click on Modify Search to add your own search terms when you need to do more than just browse all articles starting from the most recent.