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Searching for news photos: Hidden feature in Factiva

Published by Mark Bodnar

This is one of those odd little search tricks that needs to be written down for that one time you might need it: You can search for news photos from sources such as the Associated Press and the South China Morning Post within Factiva (via the SFU Library).Factiva screencapture

  • In the Source search options, click on the small triangle next to All Sources,
  • then click on the arrow next to My Source Lists,
  • then choose All Sources (and yes, we know it seems counter-intuitive to choose All yet again..)
  • then click on the plus sign next to All Pictures.

(Click on the image to the right for a screen capture from Factiva showing each step above.) You will then be able to choose among any of the following newswire picture sources:

  • AP Photostream (Associated Press - over 250 new photos added each day since Dec. 2011)
  • AP Photostream (Spanish language) (from the fall of 2013 onward)
  • Reuters Pictures (Thomson Reuters news photos from June 22, 1984 to this morning)
  • South China Morning Post (Hong Kong - starting from only a couple months after the 1997 handover)
  • Tribune Photo Service (over 1000 new photos each month since 1999 from the agency formerly known as Knight Rider/Tribune Photo Service)
  • Yonhap Picture Service (photos from 2008 onward from a Korean news agency (with English descriptions))
  • Or just click on All Pictures to search across all of the sources above.

Then enter your search terms... you'll soon be rewarded with hundreds of news photos! We've known about this Factiva feature for a while, but we haven't had many occasions to use it. We're really interested in hearing from people who do find it useful so that we can better understand how it could help SFU researchers. Drop us a line if you use it! -- MarkB ... for your ever-helpful Business/Economics Librarian team:

  • Mark Bodnar (Business – Burnaby): mbodnar@sfu.ca
  • Megan Sorenson (Business – Vancouver): megan_sorenson@sfu.ca
  • Ania Dymarz (Business – Surrey): adymarz@sfu.ca
  • Carla Graebner (Economics – Burnaby): cgraebne@sfu.ca