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Trial: ESG data via WRDS (Environmental, Social, Governance)

Published by Mark Bodnar

SFU researchers now have trial access to a collection of ESG data via our WRDS financial data interface.  This trial of RepRisk ESG data will end on Oct. 19, 2016 (yes -- 2016!).  Please send all feedback to Mark Bodnar: mbodnar@sfu.ca  

The RepRisk data includes severity measures for each of 28 different issues (child labor, local pollution, freedom of association...) within the broader categories of Environmental, Social, and Governance. It also provides an aggregate measure -- the RepRisk Risk Index (RRI) -- for each company covered.  RepRisk monitors a wide range of third-party sources (news, government reports, and more) for news about such topics in relation to global companies, then it verifies and quantifies the data to create these issue-specific measures.

Not sure why ESG data is worth tracking?  Read the following (from the publisher): 

WHY DOES ESG DATA MATTER? Environmental, social, governance (ESG) issues—environmental degradation, child labor, corruption, etc.—can translate into reputational, compliance and financial risks. The management of ESG issues is directly linked to a company’s operational excellence and its social license to operate. With increasing global awareness and evolving stakeholder expectations, transparency is now the new normal. This has led to the unprecedented need for the integration of ESG issues into all aspects of business.

Need more ESG data?  Try entering ESG <GO> on our Bloomberg Terminal. Click here for some details on what is covered by Bloomberg's ESG data.

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business Librarian

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