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New books for new ventures!

Published by Mark Bodnar

If you've noticed your favourite librarian(s) looking frazzled and muttering about spreadsheets and deadlines lately, that's probably because we've been careening toward our fiscal year end... that wonderful time of year when we squeeze the last few cents out of our budgets to buy ebooks and books that we know will make your life easier. 

line drawing of a green book shelf shaped somewhat like a tree

Think of it as sort of like shopping on Christmas Eve, but everyone gets books!

Those new titles are already starting to arrive, so I thought I'd highlight unwrap a few of them for you... Today's focus will be on titles that are useful for those who are starting new businesses

line drawing of a hand holding a wrapped gift coming out of a laptop screen - colour is dark pink
Online, plus... 

all content can be downloaded, read offline, and retained:

Online, but...
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each title has a limited number of simultaneous readers, and has limits on downloading/printing:

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Print books, which...

can be requested/transferred to the closest SFU Library branch for you to pick up:


for those who prefer to judge books by their covers, a few samples:  


And if you'd like to keep an eye on all of the new books presents being added to our business/economics collection, try the following links: 


Happy reading!

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian