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Hidden treasures in our Knotia database: E&Y guides

Published by Mark Bodnar

Every now and then I browse through one of our many business databases to see if there are any new treasures (or old treasures that I hadn't noticed before).

I was just exploring our Knotia.ca database -- our source for incredible detail on accounting standards (IFRS & CICA Handbooks) -- when I noticed some links to Ernst & Young resources.  Most of these extra resources appear to be ones that are available at the E&Y site, but they can sometimes be buried and hard to find.  The Knotia.ca access route is much smoother.

The main E&Y resource that caught my eye was EY/Passport. It includes:

  • > Quick access to all the E&Y "Doing Business In" guides on a wide range of countries (good for BUS 447 and for our many competition teams)
  • > Worldwide Personal Tax Guide ("summarizes the personal tax systems and immigration rules in more than 150 countries")
  • > Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide ("summarizes corporate tax rules and treaty withholding tax rates in more than 150 countries")
  • > Worldwide VAT and GST Guide ("summarizes the value added tax and goods and services tax systems in 63 countries and the European Union")
  • > Global Oil & Gas Tax Guide ("summarizes the oil and gas corporate tax regimes in 40 countries and also provides a directory of oil and gas tax contacts")

And, since we're in the midst of tax return season, I'll add that the Knotia db also includes a link to E&Y's Managing Your Personal Taxes.

Yup - this is what I do when I'm avoiding my huge to-do list... :-)

-- MarkB