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Full data now available! Canadian "Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy"

Published by Mark Bodnar

Found a real gem in our ABACUS database this morning:  Way back in 2009 Statistics Canada conducted the Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy -- and the full results (raw data, codebooks, etc.) are now available to SFU researchers.

The Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy was intended to "provide useful statistical information on strategic decisions, innovation activities and operational tactics used by Canadian firms" and to "address gaps in the understanding of factors that drive and impede business innovation and the adoption of technology in Canada."

In addition SIBS collected information on "firm involvement in global value chains" and...

The [survey] questions address the following themes: business strategies and monitoring, enterprise structure, operational activities, relocation of business activities, sales activities, business practices and relationship with suppliers, advanced technology use, product/process/marketing/organizational innovation, production performance management, human resources management, main product and market structure, government support programs, and obstacles to innovation.

Never used ABACUS before?  It's a great resource if you need the raw data and codebooks from such Statistics Canada (and other) studies as...