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Death Inc. - on researching the death care industry

Published by Mark Bodnar

OK, so I missed Hallowe'en for this one, but I couldn't resist a post on the business of death care...

I just noticed that the Oct. 28 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek had the following on it's cover: "Death Inc.: You can't escape fate--or SCI. Inside America's fastest-growing merchant of death".  The related article inside is Mega Death, focused on "funeral services chain Service Corporation International (SCI) and how it came to dominate the death care industry in the U.S."

Being a librarian, I was (of course) intrigued about what else we might have in the collection on that industry, one that is sure to grow if bulging demographic curves are followed to their end points. A bit of digging and I found...

All fun aside, I know that the odds of any of our SFU researchers actually focusing on this specific industry in the next little while are remote, but please consider some of these same sources for whatever industry you do end up researching. There's a wealth of information available via your Library -- explore!

-- Mark - mbodnar@sfu.ca