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Home automation: Samples of amazing Frost & Sullivan content

Published by Mark Bodnar

line drawing of a house with a wifi symbol inside - meant to indicate a "connected home"I was just scanning some industry news about smart homes when I came across a mention of a Frost & Sullivan forecast in an article by ITEuropa: European Home Automation Set for Double Digit Growth.: 

"Frost & Sullivan's research, European Home Automation Systems Market, Forecast to 2022, finds that the total European home automation market is estimated to reach $806.1 million by 2022, recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.8%."

Being an opportunist, how could I resist a quick plug for our recently acquired Frost & Sullivan database? Check out these recent and relevant reports on the same topic from F&S:

(Note: the report-direct links above will work for SFU researchers only. Also, if you are a current SFU researcher and need a downloadable PDF copy of any F&S report, follow the instructions in red text at the top of our database description.)

Remember: Our subscription to Frost & Sullivan is in a pilot year -- we'll be evaluating it early next summer and deciding then whether an ongoing subscription is worthwhile. Your feedback is important! Send any comments & concerns to me. I'm especially interested in hearing how F&S reports have impacted your research and/or teaching here at SFU.

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

Image credit: "Connected home" image taken from Frost&Sullivan report, "European Home Automation Systems Market, Forecast to 2022" (link above).

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