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Economics books: From love & art to war & disasters

Published by Mark Bodnar

I've mentioned before that the giant umbrella of economics seems to cover almost every other subject, and I've discussed the fact that pretty much anything that involves means & ends, desires & decisions, or creation & consumption has an economics perspective.  

That broad definition is obvious from a quick scan of the titles listed below. These new books and ebooks -- all available for SFU researchers -- touch on the economics of everything from love, art & happiness all the way through to warnuclear proliferation & natural disasters

Clearly, a healthy command of basic economic principles is key to understanding our world!   

And if none of those titles piques your interest, scan our list of new books, search our catalogue, or send me a note with details on what we've missed.  

-- MarkB

Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian

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