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Business Expert Press: Possible replacement for some textbooks and other course readings?

Published by Mark Bodnar

We recently purchased an unusual collection of business ebooks. With titles such as Business model design and learning: a strategic guide and Decision Analysis for Managers, Business Expert Press doesn’t immediately seem that different from the thousands of other business ebooks we provide, but the 185 publications in this series were specifically written by faculty members to serve as concise, practical readings in advanced business classes.

Moreover, the license for this collection comes with very flexible terms that make it easy to integrate them into your course reading list: SFU students can download entire books in PDF format to read offline, and instructors can upload copies to Canvas. (As I’m sure you know, information generally becomes more valued by students once it has been put inside a Canvas course container – it assumes the “examinable” stamp of approval from the instructor.)

We’re treating this initial purchase of BEP titles (covering 2011 to mid-2014) as a test case. If you assign any of the titles in the collection as required or additional readings in a class, please do let us know.

We’d also love to hear from you if, on the other hand, you have concerns about BEP content that will stop you from listing any of it in your syllabus. Your feedback will be key to any decisions around future BEP purchases.

Care to explore a few titles to get a feeling for BEP?  Try the titles below, or go to Business Expert Press in our list of databases, or search for "Business Expert Press. iGroup Platform" in our library catalogue.

(By the way, our license for BEP includes remote access for SFU alumni!)

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As always, you know where to find your enthusiastic business librarians if you have questions:

  • Mark Bodnar (Business – Burnaby): mbodnar@sfu.ca
  • Megan Sorenson (Business – Vancouver): megan_sorenson@sfu.ca
  • Ania Dymarz (Business – Surrey): adymarz@sfu.ca

– MarkB