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Yes, you can get solid information all in one resource... from anywhere... and read it offline...

Published November 20, 2014 by Mark Bodnar

Does this situation sound familiar?  --   You need to understand a topic for your paper/project/class.  Your ideal resource is one that...

  1. gives you a broader view of the topic -- its history, key issues, etc. -- than you can get in most articles;
  2. provides deep analysis of at least some of the sub-topics;
  3. can be accessed online so that you don't have to brave the elements to visit campus;
  4. can be downloaded, so that you can read it offline on the bus or (better) while on a plane going somewhere warm and dry;
  5. and is free (or at least free to you as an SFU researcher).

You're not alone! We hear of such wish lists every day, which is one of the reasons we've bought hundreds of thousands of ebooks for your research.  Today I'd like to highlight one of the many ebook collections we've purchased for you -- one that ticks off every item on the list above: the 1200+ ebooks in the Business & Economics collection published by Springer. Let's start with just a few sample titles from that collection to give you an idea of the range of its content:

Again, all of these books are downloadable for offline reading by any SFU researcher, and will provide a better "big picture" view of their topics than most articles. As is often the case with online resources, there are many ways to access our Springer ebooks:

  • Search by the series title Springerlink Business and Economics in our SFU Library Catalogue to get title-direct links for each of the Springer bus/econ titles we own.
  • Go to Springer E-books English Language Collections in our list of databases, then navigate your way down to the Business/Economics collection. (The value of coming in this way is that you can keyword search your way through the fulltext of thousands of ebooks -- an option that isn't available when you access them in our catalogue.)
  • Even broader: Go to Springer LINK Search in our list of databases to search across all of our Springer ebooks, AND our Springer ejournals.  That way,  you'll be catching articles in journals such as the Journal of Business and Psychology, the Journal of Technology Transfer, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, and Experimental Economics.

For more on ebooks via your SFU Library, check out some of our earlier posts:

Or just contact any of your awesomely friendly business / economics librarians to learn more:

  • Mark Bodnar (Business – Burnaby):
  • Megan Sorenson (Business – Vancouver):
  • Ania Dymarz (Business – Surrey):
  • Carla Graebner (Economics – Burnaby):

-- MarkB