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Published by Mark Bodnar

We mentioned the Boston Consulting Group (aka "BCG") earlier this year in a post about hidden treasures on research firm sites, but thought it deserved a post all its own. The BCG Perspectives site requires registration, but we think the hassle of remembering yet another password is worth it in this case.  BCG offers global insights into developments in several industries (e.g., Financial Services), as well as hot business topics such as Change Management. An occasional scan of their site is more informative than most business magazines.  In fact, once you've registered, make sure that you edit your account details to include a monthly email alert so that the information will flow to you. To help you understand why BCG merits its very own blog post, check out some of the topics covered in the latest issue of their email alert:

  • The Battle for Automotive Brand Loyalty in China (free, 20-page report)
  • Redefining Global Competitive Dynamics: 2014 BCG Global Challengers (an annual list of rapidly globalizing companies from emerging markets)
  • The 2014 M&A Report (latest in an annual series with global scope)
  • Breaking Through the Noise: Pharmaceutical Multichannel Marketing in a Digital World
  • BCG Technology Advantage, October 2014 (BCG's latest collection of insights and perspectives on how companies can leverage technology to generate business value.)
  • Brands Need Friends: Advocacy Fuels Growth in India (Companies have struggled to measure the impact of word of mouth. BCG’s Brand Advocacy Index provides a strategic metric that measures advocacy with much greater precision than existing approaches do.)

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