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This post is not about Netflix...

Published by Mark Bodnar

I spotted an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal this morning: "Netflix U.S. Users Decline, Sinking Its Stock --- Video service reports 130,000 fewer domestic subscribers in second quarter."

To be frank, what was interesting for me about this article wasn't the content -- as much as I like streaming Netflix shows while I fold the laundry, I don't really need an ongoing blow-by-blow of its subscriber numbers.  No, what caught my attention was that this would be a good chance to highlight a couple of my favourite SFU Library resources: Factiva and Statista

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On editorial cartoons: Valuable memes under threat

Published by Mark Bodnar

Editorial cartoon from January, 1975 featuring a bottle of coins with the label: Doctor Dave's 3-Way Relief For Natural Gas Pains: Speeds Instant Relief To Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Revenues.I caught a segment on CBC's The Current earlier this week about editorial cartoons facing an existential threat.  

Apparently one of the forces pushing editorial cartoons toward the brink is the prevalence of online memes, but I would argue that a false dichotomy is built into that statement. Cartoons that take a fresh, critical look at current events and public figures have been around as visual memes since long before Richard Dawkins coined the term. They were memes before memes were invented!

They aren't, however, free memes...   <Read on!>