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We asked students: What does Open Knowledge mean to you?

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At Simon Fraser University we are committed to sharing the products of our research with the broadest possible audience through Open Scholarship. 

In 2018, SFU Library collaborated with the Graduate Student Society to present the GSS Open Access Award to 27 graduate students who published their research in fully open access journals. Read the 2018 GSS Open Access Award announcement for the complete list of Open Access Award recipients by department.

We asked the award recipients to share their thoughts on what open knowledge means to them. Check back often to see more students' quotes. Many thanks to the featured students for their insights!

Aaron Dhanda

Aaron Dhanda, PhD student in the Department of Biological Sciences says:

"Open Knowledge allows readily available access to literature to researchers and the public alike, regardless of institutional rank and financial ability. I strongly believe that preventing paywall discrimination will facilitate an even higher quality of research output and understanding. I feel that for future discoveries to have the greatest impact towards humanity's goal of better understanding, we must have access to all knowledge, and this can only be accomplished through Open Access."

Kate Hosford, Graduate student in the Faculty of Health Sciences says:

"Open knowledge is content that is freely and easily accessible to everyone. This could include published papers but also data. I think Open Knowledge is important to ensure findings are accessible to practitioners, helping research translate into practice, and also to allow research to progress and build on previous findings. In addition, open data helps ensure the transparency and reproducibility of findings."

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