RDM@SFU Part 3: Data storage, computing, and publishing

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This workshop is Part 3 of the three-session series RDM@SFU -- a Research Data Management roadmap for researchers. 


 About the workshop

The final workshop in our series will help guide researchers to resources and support on campus for their data collection and analysis, active data storage, and long-term storage needs. Members of the SFU Research Computing Group (RCG) and the Library will talk about how to incorporate research data management practices into your work through methods such as building a data collection and management pipeline for your research team or writing a good lab data manual. Most appropriate for researchers doing data-intensive, digital research, the RCG will also talk about the infrastructure and people both locally and nationally who can help with things like accessing high performance computing resources, training, data storage, and developing methods to take advantage of available resources.  

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to access compute and storage infrastructures to support your research; 
  • Gain a clear understanding of local and national supports for data-intensive research; 
  • Integrate effective Research Data Management methods into your workflow; 
  • Organize and prepare your research data for sharing and publication. 

This workshop will be presented by Research Computing and SFU Library

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