Secure data: Research data management


March 20, 2020 update: While the physical SFU Libraries are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 measures, we are happy to continue to support you with any research data management questions remotely. Please feel free to contact us by email at during this time, and we can set up a meeting via video conferencing or telephone.


Protect your research data by following strong research data security practices.

Making data security practices a priority

When you are using, saving, or sharing research data, this information can be vulnerable to unauthorized access, file corruption, or data loss.

For better data security practices:

Encrypt your research data
Unauthorized access can introduce significant threats to research privacy and confidentiality. Data encryption is one way to protect the privacy and integrity of your research data.

Format your research data
Help ensure long-term accessibility to your research data by making informed file format decisions.

Back up data
How to mitigate the risk of losing data due to human error, natural disasters, or other mishaps.

Safeguard your data
Developed by a  joint Government of Canada-Universities Working Group, this portal provides a number of resources for assisting in assessing and securing your research data