RDM@SFU Part 2: Research ethics, contracts, and data

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This workshop is Part 2 of the three-session series RDM@SFU -- a Research Data Management roadmap for researchers. 


 About the workshop

Some research projects require you to go through Ethics review, as they involve working with sensitive data or data governed by regulatory and legal frameworks. In this session we discuss different kinds of approval and agreements for working with data, types of information from an Ethics standpoint, and informed consent as it relates to managing research data. We will also examine considerations for collection, storage, security and privacy, managing appropriate access, and current and future use of sensitive data from an Ethics standpoint. While data retention through online publishing is encouraged for future reuse, in some cases Ethics review stipulates that certain data needs to be destroyed in a reasonable time-frame. In some cases it may be necessary for you to have data transfer or access agreements; for example, with secondary data provided under specific terms. SFU supports for different types of research contracts, and what options exist for controlled-access secure data storage in these cases, will also be discussed.  

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to work with sensitive data appropriately for Ethics compliance, all the way from data collection to long-term storage; 
  • Understand the regulatory frameworks, and your responsibilities, for ensuring privacy of research data; 
  • Understand grant- or contract-specific compliance for data management;  
  • Identify different types of research data contracts that might be needed for your project, and how to request them;  
  • Recognize scenarios or instances where Research Services will need to be involved.  

This workshop will be presented by Research Computing, Research Ethics, and Research Services

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