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Accessing SFU database as an alumnus research assistant

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: A change was made to what alumni can access away from SFU computers. I am an alumnus who works as a research assistant for an SFU professor, and have to travel to campus if I want to access journals or e-books.

Is there any way I can get access to these materials as an employee of SFU? It was an inconvenience before, but now avoiding public places is desirable, so I need to find a better work around. I see that a professor can grant me borrowing privileges on her behalf, but that doesn't look like it's the same thing.

A: Staff do have more access to online resources than alumni (due to our licenses with the resource providers). Your library record shows you as an alumnus. The professor who you are assisting can send us an email (to loans-mgmt@sfu.ca ) or fill out this form and we can update your library record to reflect your status as a research assistant.

Chuk Goodin
Supervisor, Access Services

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