Donate & partner: Community Scholars Program

Why support the Community Scholars Program?

The Community Scholars Program provides 500 community-based researchers in BC with free electronic access to 20,000+ scholarly journals and e-books. The program provides valuable access and research support for staff at BC non-profits and charities who are doing critical work on social issues in our communities. Explore our Community Scholars pages for more about how the Community Scholars Program is helping charities and non-profits across the province.

Read comments & testimonies from Community Scholars

Finding funding opportunities and keeping practices current

"SFU’s Community Scholars Program and Options Community Services Society’s Youth Services department has developed a great partnership over the last few months.  Since our introduction to the CSP portal, I have had the privilege of accessing academic published resources, which has been helpful in supporting funding opportunities and keeping our practices current."

--Heather Lynch, Options Community Services Society

Resources that support essential background work

"Thank you, thank you for this fabulous resource! Terrace Hospice Society (THS) has been a rural member for a couple of years, and it has been a vital resource for the Growth and Development of our previously tiny non-profit organization. This is the year THS are branching into research and program development with assistance from Simon Fraser University and Healthy Aging because the resources are there to support the background work essential to develop successful programs."

--Sue Skeates, Chair, Terrace Hospice Society

Breaking through knowledge barriers

"I was writing a proposal and hitting a brick wall (Nothing new ...). A quick search of the topic helped me focus and get past that brick wall. The library helps the unknown become known and provides specific information to break through knowledge barriers.”

--Anonymous Community Scholar in the North

Broadening perspectives

"Being able to research using journals has broadened the perspectives I've been able to include in museum exhibits."

--  Aimee Greenaway, Nanaimo Museum

Ways to support Community Scholars

Support for the Community Scholars Program has come from contributions from the McConnell Foundation BC Collaborative on Social Infrastructure, Mindset Social Innovation Foundation, United Way, SFU Library, and SFU's Community Engagement Fund, along with the cooperation of participating publishers.

There is currently no ongoing funding for this program.

Please consider making a donation to the Community Scholars Program to support its long-term sustainability. Your gift will mean that non-profit leaders will continue to have access to the information that they need to make positive change in society.

Partnership opportunities for academic libraries

BC academic libraries are invited to join the Community Scholars Program as sponsoring partners. We recognize that our colleagues at BC institutions are forging strong relationships and connections with the non-profit community. By partnering with the Community Scholars Program, BC institutions can help to both sustain the program and encourage participation from non-profits who are not yet involved as Community Scholars.

The annual contributions from partnering institutions will be used towards program operations and services for Community Scholars, including librarian and other staff time for administering the program, and research assistance for participants, such as consultations, journal clubs, and workshops.

Partnering institutions are encouraged to share their program participation through their communications channels, and will be acknowledged on the Community Scholars website and at Community Scholars events.

Sponsorship levels

Gold Level – $7,000 annually

35 guaranteed program placements for qualifying individuals referred by the institution. A librarian from the institution is invited to attend biannual Program meetings. The parties will come to an agreement about the institution’s participation in providing research support, programming, and program governance and planning.

Silver Level – $5000 annually

20 guaranteed program placements for qualifying individuals referred by the institution. A librarian from the institution is invited to attend biannual Program meetings.

Bronze Level – $2500 annually

10 guaranteed program placements for qualifying individuals referred by the institution

Questions and contact

Do you have questions about Community Scholars, or are you interested in partnering with us? Please contact Heather De, Community Scholars librarian.