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Donate: Community Scholars Program

Access for community-based researchers

The Community Scholars Program provides 500 community-based researchers in BC with free electronic access to 20,000+ scholarly journals and e-books. The participants in the program work in a variety of sectors including social and legal services, the arts, human rights and social justice, housing, physical and mental health, sustainability and conservation.

Access to cutting edge, scholarly research and publications is largely restricted to academic researchers, and is mostly inaccessible to the more than 170,000 non-profit and charitable organizations in Canada doing critical work on social issues

Meaningful access to scholarly resources can be a significant benefit to non-profits and the communities they serve by providing a tool for program development, policy advocacy, grant-writing and professional development.

"SFU’s Community Scholars Program and Options Community Services Society’s Youth Services department has developed a great partnership over the last few months.  Since our introduction to the CSP portal, I have had the privilege of accessing academic published resources, which has been helpful in supporting funding opportunities and keeping our practices current."

-- Heather Lynch, Options Community Services Society 


Support for the Community Scholars Program has come from contributions from Mindset Social Innovation Foundation, United Way, SFU Library, and SFU's Community Engagement Fund, along with the cooperation of publishers: Sage, Taylor and Francis, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford University Press, Duke University Press, and Cambridge University Press.

There is currently no ongoing funding for this program.

Please consider making a donation to the Community Scholars Program to support its long-term sustainability. Your gift will mean that non-profit leaders will continue to have access to the information that they need to make positive change in society.


Donate to the Community Scholars Program