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Web Mapping workshop series

This Web GIS workshop series was first launched in Spring 2021, and due its popularity, we're running it again. Join us to learn web mapping skills! 

What is Web GIS and why it matters? 

GIS stands for Geographic Information System, and Web GIS, as the name suggests, is the combination of the web and GIS. 

With the rapid development of Web GIS technologies in the past decade, the bar to practicing GIS or map making has been significantly lowered: unlike traditional desktop GIS software, user-friendly cartography tools such as Google Maps, CartoDB, Mapbox, and ArcGIS Online typically have a shallow learning curve. In other words, evolutionary internet technologies have driven GIS to expand far beyond the professional GIS community. Many individuals who lack traditional GIS training- engineers, entrepreneurs, journalists, researchers- have been involved in web cartography work. 

Aside from the fact that web cartography tools are easier to learn, web mapping technologies can also help you communicate your research. For more details, read this blog post Leveraging Web Mapping Technologies to Communicate Your Research: Introducing our new Web GIS Workshop Series

Web Mapping workshop series

In the past decade, revolutionary internet technologies have driven Geographic Information System (GIS) to expand far beyond the professional GIS community. Many individuals who lack traditional GIS training -- engineers, entrepreneurs, journalists, researchers -- have been involved in web cartography work. The empowerment is fueled by geospatially enabled technologies such as Global Positional Systems (GPS), the Internet, and user-friendly cartography tools. This workshop series will give you a taste of this new ecosystem, introducing you to a range of concepts, tools, and skills which include how web map is structured, how to create one, how to collaboratively collect field data and populate to a shared web map, and how to combine maps and digital storytelling to communicate your research.

All workshops in this series are designed for beginners - no previous GIS knowledge is required. Attend as many or as few sessions as you like.

Next semester's workshops will be posted soon.
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