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NVivo Office Hours

Drop-in NVivo Office Hours for Spring 2024: Thursdays, 1:30pm-3:30pm.

NVivo 14

SFU users may now download NVivo 14 via the self-serve download page. Please note that SFU does not have access to Collaboration Cloud with NVivo 14 or NVivo Transcription, both of which are cloud-based add-on modules.

Updating the license key for NVivo 12

 A new license key is available for NVivo 12 for those users who would like to continue using that version of the software. Access the new license key via the self-serve download page. Inputting the new license key is required in order to continue using NVivo 12 after May 30, 2023.  

What is NVivo?

NVivo is a software package that helps with the organization and analysis of unstructured data. It will help you:

  • classify, sort, and arrange information
  • examine relationships in your data
  • guide your data analysis

NVivo will allow you to:

  • test theories
  • identify trends in your data
  • cross-examine information in many different ways, using its search and query functions

The observations you make through NVivo can help build a body of evidence to support a case or project.

NVivo supports data formats such as audio files, videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, spreadsheets, rich text, plain text, web sites and social media data (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). You can import data from applications like Microsoft Excel,Microsoft Word, IBM SPSS Statistics, EndNote, Microsoft OneNote, SurveyMonkey and Evernote. 

Software availability

In Spring 2013, SFU Library acquired a site license for NVivo Software for the use of SFU students, faculty, staff, and SFU-based members of research teams. Currently, the Library has committed to making this software available through to April 2025. SFU does not have access to NVivo Collaboration Cloud. 

Computer labs

At SFU Burnaby, NVivo for Windows is installed on computers in W.A.C. Bennett Library, including Computer Lab 2105 and Instructional Lab & Computers Room 4009. Nvivo is also installed on the Macs in the Research Commons at Burnaby. 

At SFU Vancouver, NVivo is installed in Harbour Centre lab 1350, on computers in Belzberg Library, as well as on computers in the Research Commons at Vancouver.

At SFU Surrey, NVivo is installed on computers in Fraser Library. 

NVivo is available in various departmental labs on the 3 campuses -- check with your LAN Administrator to verify or request installation.

Individual computers

Please see NVivo: Getting Started for information on downloading NVivo software, for Windows or for Mac, to a personal desktop or laptop computer. 

NVivo is also available on lending laptops borrowed from SFU Library.