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This page lists selected additional resources on various topics in Publishing.

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General resources

The Future of Publishing
This blog from Thad McIlroy, electronic publishing analyst and author, provides a broad range of posts on various publishing industries, including magazines, books/e-books, blogs, newspapers, video, etc.

Publishing Perspectives
This American/German online business news magazine for the publishing industry covers trends, people and companies shaping the global book industry.

The Bookseller
This British online business magazine for the book industry (est. 1858) provides weekly business intelligence and analysis for the book trade.

You can also refer to a number of general publishing resources by browsing the SFU Library Catalogue using the following subject-headings:

Design resources

Bookbinding and book arts

Bookbinding and the conservation of books: A dictionary of descriptive terminology
This resource is a website-version of the original print book (1982), which is also available as an e-book. It provides access to alphabetical lists of bookbinding terms, from "a" to "zirconium tetrachloride".

The Books Arts Web 
This website offers access to a large collection of links and references about bookbinding and other facets of the book arts.

CBBAG Resource Lists for Book Artists
This resource-list compiled by CBBAG (Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild) and housed on the guild's website provides information about and access to numerous books, directories, supplier lists, websites, and FAQs related to bookbinding and other facets of the book arts in Canada.

Typography and design software

ITC (International Typeface Corporation) and Monotype
These links to purveyors of critically acclaimed designer fonts provide historical information and purchase-links. The ITC link provides a history of this influential and successful type foundry, which is currently a part of Monotype, as well as download links to many of its digital fonts.  The Monotype link provides a brief history of the company, a link to press releases, and access to its 10,000+ font library of famous fonts including Helvetica, Frutiger, etc.



For more books, search the SFU Library Catalogue using the name of the software program you're interested in, for example Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher.

Design magazines

Communication Arts [online] [print]
The website for the magazine (est. 1959) provides access to design, photography, illustration, interactive arts, and advertising articles and resources, and features annual issues for each of the communication arts branches; the SFU Library also has print access.

Print [website] [online & print]
This magazine is an online authority on graphic, interactive, and brand design and their influences on visual culture; it includes sections on typography, print design, interactive design, branding and design theory, etc.

Eye Magazine
This quarterly print magazine is an international publication for professional designers, students and anyone interested in critical, informed writing about graphic design and visual culture; the website provides access to articles and book reviews, and its blog includes sections on book design, typography and more.

This German type and design magazine and blog (available in German and English), provides articles primarily on European typography, design, illustration, and photography, along with numerous reviews and news items, as well as a job bank.

Uppercase [website] [print]
This Canadian print magazine from the Alberta-based book and magazine publisher Uppercase, focuses on art, craft, design, and illustration; the website offers articles, book reviews, and a blog on a wide variety of design topics (quilting, jewelry, furniture, sculpture, colours, shapes, wood type, etc.); the SFU Library also has print access.

You can also refer to a number of design handbooks and guides by browsing the SFU Library Catalogue using the following subject-headings:

Marketing resources

Secondary market research resources
This SFU Library research guide provides resources and advice for developing strategies for market and industry research, including links to databases, associations, reports. government sources, websites, directories, etc.

Small Business Accelerator
This resource from the IKBLC (Irving K. Barber Learning Centre) at UBC (University of British Columbia) offers free online access to reliable business information and tools for BC businesses and entrepreneurs, including business plans, marketing resources, etc. to help with market research, growing a business, gauging potential market size, and discovering the latest industry trends.

AdAge Data Center [website] [print]
This resource provides free access to some advertising, marketing, and trend data, including reports, "fact pack" guides, circulation rankings, etc.; the SFU Library also has print access to the AdAge periodical.

You can also refer to a number of marketing resources for the publishing industry by browsing the SFU Library Catalogue using the following subject-headings:

Indigenous, genre, and alternative publishing resources

Indigenous publishing

Elements of Indigenous style: A guide for writing by and about Indigenous Peoples
This book by author Gregory Younging provides guidelines to help writers, editors, and publishers produce material that reflects Indigenous people in an appropriate and respectful manner.

ILSA (Indigenous Literary Studies Association)
ILSA is a scholarly body based in lands claimed by Canada that promotes Indigenous literature production, its study, and the value of Indigenous knowledges and methodologies; fosters intra-community respect; facilitates mentorship and professional development; and advocates for institutional transformation. Website resources include a job bank, a list of indigenous presses and publishers, and a list of fellow organizations.

NAJA (Native American Journalists Association)
This association serves and empowers Native journalists through programs and actions designed to enrich journalism and promote Native cultures. Website resources include an Associated Press style-insert, events listings, a job board, professional development guides, etc.

Genre publishing


TRW (Toronto Romance Writers)
This Canadian trade association is a chapter of RWA and has members from Toronto, Southern and Northern Ontario, and other parts of Canada. It offers its members industry knowledge, networking, and educational opportunities. The website provides access to events listings, contests, and blog posts.

RWAC (Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada)
This Canadian trade association, originally a chapter of RWA, became independent in 2020. It offers its members writing, industry-knowledge, and career support. The website offers member-author links, meeting and events information, and retreat registration.

RWA (Romance Writers of America)
This website from RWA, a nonprofit trade association, offers ​its members access to classes, workshops, recorded sessions, and other career support resources.

Smart Bitches,Trashy Books
This website offers reviews, blog posts, a bookfinder recommendation tool, and other resources for romance genre enthusiasts.

Sci-fi and fantasy

SF Canada
This national association of speculative fiction professionals helps the Canadian SF-writing community by offering communication, networking, lobbying, and translation resources, and services like webhosting, listservs, meetings, its online bookstore, and personal insurance plans.

SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America)
This website from SFWA, a nonprofit trade association, offers ​its members a wide array of programming and services, including a free Info Centre page full of articles offering writing, editing, and publishing advice and tips.

Broad Universe
Broad Universe is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, encouraging, honoring, and celebrating women and alternatively-gendered writers and editors in science fiction, fantasy, horror and other speculative genres. The website provides blog posts, events listings, etc.

Mystery, detective, thriller, crime

CWC (Crime Writers of Canada)
This national non-profit organization promotes Canadian crime writing by managing its website and digital catalogue, publishing a monthly e-newsletter, participating in various writing and publishing events, organizing the Canadian crime fiction award, and promoting professional development and networking opportunities.

MWA (Mystery Writers of America)
This website from MWA, a nonprofit trade association, offers its members access to newsletters; various listservs/email lists; discounts on subscriptions and products; a contact database; chapter meetings, programs, literature and listservs; and other resources.

Stop, You're Killing Me
This website is a resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books, which provides access to various indexes, award info, book reviews, a newsletter, and expansive author and book lists.

Children and YA publishing

CCBC (Canadian Children's Book Centre)
CCBC (est. 1976) is a national, NFP dedicated to encouraging, promoting and supporting the reading, writing, illustrating and publishing of Canadian books for children and youth. The CCBC website provides information about its programs, publications, and resources, including Canadian Children's Book Week and TD Grade One Book Giveaway.

CCIB (Canadian Children's Illustrated Books Database)
This searchable database provides access to bibliographic information on award-winning and shortlisted Canadian children's illustrated books in English.

SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)
SCBWI is a California-based international professional organization for authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults. The SCBWI website provides trusted, current information about the children's publishing field. Canadian regional chapters include Canada: East and Canada: West.

Children's Publishing
This American educational website from Amelia Book Company provides access to techniques on writing, designing, illustrating, and publishing children’s books through blogs and guest posts submitted by teaching professionals, children’s writers, graphic artists, illustrators, et al.

NCRCL (National Centre for Research in Children's Literature)
This British research centre promotes critical debate and inquiry in the field of children’s literature; the website provides links to the NCRCL blog, publications, external partners, etc.

Readers & zines

BNC's Demand for diversity: A survey of Canadian readers (2018)
This free report from BNC (BookNet Canada) highlights English-speaking, Canadian readers' experiences with and interest in reading books by and/or about those who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled or differently abled, and religious minorities.

Reading Experience Database
This collection of databases aims to accumulate evidence of reading experiences from around the world.

Broken Pencil [online] [print] [website]
This Canadian quarterly magazine provides access to reviews of zines and small press books, comics, excerpts from underground press, interviews, original fiction, and commentary on all aspects of independent arts. The website provides links to reviews, profiles, festivals, awards, etc., including a list of Canadian, American, and international zine fairs.

This website from Chip Rowe is a repository of advice, discussion topics, articles on the creation and distribution of zines, interviews with zine publishers, histories, archives, directories, etc. from c. 1996-2018. Although the site has not been recently updated, the historical resources may be useful to researchers and enthusiasts.

Alt.zines DMZ
This website is a repository of FAQs, how-to's, publishers, review zines, advice, and archives from the mid to late 1990s usenet newsgroup created in 1992 by Jerod Pore and Edward Vielmetti. Although more an archive than a current resource, some how-to information may still be relevant, and historical information may be useful to researchers and enthusiasts.

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BPC grant list
This resource from the BPC (Book and Periodical Council) provides links and brief descriptions of national, provincial, and municipal grants across numerous Canadian jurisdictions, including the Canada Book Fund, the Canada Periodical Fund, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the BC Arts Council.

Creative BC
This website from Creative BC (an organization established by the BC government) provides access to information and links to numerous initiatives and resources supporting BC's creative industries, including those supporting Book Publishing and Magazine Publishing in BC.

You can also refer to a number of grant resources by browsing the SFU Library Catalogue using the following subject-headings:



Associations Canada (a.k.a. Canada's Information Resource Centre (CIRC))
This database from Grey House Publishing provides information about and access to Canadian organizations and international groups, including industry, commercial, and professional associations, registered charities, and special interest organizations.

Check out the additional associations below: