Humanities information resources: Books & articles



Courses in the SFU Department of Humanities cover a broad range of topics, from Classics to Religion, from Mythology to Asian thought & literature.  For more information, check a specific Subject Guide, or else consult the librarian directly.

Journal articles can be found in the Library Catalogue and in many databases.  Here are some key article databases relevant to studies in the Humanities.

General Humanities 

Classics & Mythology


  • ATLA Religion Database -- Biblical studies, archaeology; world religions and religious studies; church history; theology, philosophy, and ethics.
  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index
  • Patrologia Latina --  The first edition of Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologia Latina, published between 1844 and 1855. An extensive collection of early Christian Latin texts, which comprises the works of the Early Church Fathers, from Tertullian in 200AD to the death of Pope Innocent III in1216AD.
  • Oxford Islamic Studies Online --  Qur'anic studies, Qur'an verse lookup.
  • See also: Religion -- complete list of Library databases

Asian Studies



Arts and Literature