Foundations of Academic Literacy (FAL): Facts & data

This section includes government resources, statistics, and data on British Columbia and Canada. If you need further assistance, Ask a Librarian.

    Government resources

    Government Resources: Canadian Federal, Provincial and Local
    An SFU Library guide

    Government of British Columbia
    The official website of the Government of British Columbia

    Government of Canada
    The official website of the Government of Canada

    Government Resources: Other Countries
    An SFU Library guide

    Government statistics

    Finding Statistics on British Columbia
    An SFU Library guide

    Statistics Canada
    The national statistical office agency that ensures Canadians have the key information on Canada's economy, society and environment that they require to function effectively as citizens and decision makers

    Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)
    An independent, not-for-profit organization that provides essential information on Canada’s health system and the health of Canadians

    Canadian Industry Statistics
    Analyses industry data on many economic indicators using the most recent data from Statistics Canada. CIS looks at industry trends and financial information, such as GDP, Labour Productivity, Manufacturing and Trade data           

    Environment and Climate Change Canada
    Informs Canadians about protecting and conserving our natural heritage, and ensuring a clean, safe and sustainable environment for present and future generations