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For your Canvas course: Plagiarism & Library Research Skills Tutorial modules

Published by Mark Bodnar

Forwarding this notice for all the business/economics instructors this term...

The SFU Library’s popular Plagiarism Tutorial and Library Research Skills Tutorial are available as modules for import into any Canvas course from Canvas Commons.

Plagiarism Tutorial

  • An interactive tutorial designed to help students understand what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid committing it. Working through the tutorial, students will learn to recognize different types of plagiarism and be introduced to various practical skills – citing, note-taking, quoting, and paraphrasing – that will assist them in the writing process.
  • Has recently been updated to include self-plagiarism
  • Takes about 30 minutes to complete and includes three quizzes to test students’ comprehension.

Library Research Skills Tutorial [updated!]

  • Through videos, text and quizzes students will learn the basics of library research, including understanding the peer-review process. It's a great tool for making sure that all of your students know the essentials, and can be assigned as preparation for more specialized library workshops.
  • It takes approximately 50 minutes to complete.
  • Feedback from SFU undergraduates:
    • "A lot of information packed into one tutorial was very helpful!"  
    • "The length is just right to get the message across."  
    • "Very good and easy to follow along."
  • Note: The videos and images featured in this tutorial have recently been updated so please make sure to delete any older versions and import the current version into your course/s.

You can easily import any of the tutorials as modules in your Canvas course: Go to Canvas Commons and search for the tutorial by its title. See these step-by-step instructions.  If you have difficulty using the instructions, please contact the Teaching and Learning Centre's Learn Tech team at learntech@sfu.ca

If you've used one of these tutorials before, we'd love to receive your feedback. For feedback on tutorial content, please contact lib-learn@sfu.ca

Instructors not using Canvas can send students a link to the public version of the tutorial; however, grades are not recorded in the public version. If you would like to keep track of student usage or assign grades for completion, we recommend importing tutorials directly to your Canvas site.

Thank you, and have a great semester!

SFU Library

Learning & Instruction Division


Any questions/inquiries, please send to lib-learn@sfu.ca

Image credit: by GotCredit on Flickr