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New data on "Canadians at Work and Home" from Statistics Canada: GSS 2016 released

Published by Mark Bodnar

Another bit of welcome news from Statistics Canada this morning... they've published new data from the 2016 General Social Survey.  

Now, based solely on that one short phrase, you may not think it's worth reading further, but those who have used data from the General Social Survey know that its new cycle deals with "Canadians at Work and Home" and is deeply relevant to research areas in both economics and business.

"The mandate of the GSS 'Canadians at Work and Home' is to explore people's views about work, home, leisure and well-being, and the relationships between these. Data from this survey will help decision makers select the programs and policies that will best serve Canadians."

Logo of Statistics Canada: flag image plus the organization name in English and French.

In case that doesn't entice you to click through to the data, here are direct links to the relevant CANSIM tables, filled with tempting phrases like "job-family conflict" and "satisfaction with life"...

Seriously, it's not just me who finds this exciting, right?  (Don't answer that!)

Happy holidays and all the best in the New Year!

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian

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