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New content & functionality! Vividata for Canadian consumer data

Published by Mark Bodnar

Marketing operates on the edge of the unknown, constantly trying to predict and influence the future and reliant on an incomplete understanding of the past and the present

Information sources used by marketers (i.e., all information) will never be perfect – the need to make estimates and assumptions won't go away – but the new version of our Vividata database certainly provides a more solid foundation for marketing predictions & strategies.

Four puzzle pieces with a Canadian flag in the middle. Puzzle pieces are labeled: Opinions, Activities, Demographics, and Purchases.
Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer reaches over 40,000 Canadians each year and produces detailed data on Canadians’ opinions, demographics, and activities, as well as their product, service, and media purchases

The Vividata database available via the SFU Library allows you to connect those puzzle pieces in many ways to answer different questions. 

For instance…

Two small puzzle pieces - showing the connection between Demographics and Purchases
Which energy drinks do female Millennials drink most often?

Two small puzzle pieces - showing the connection between Demographics and Activities
Which province has the most people who attend pro hockey games?

Two small puzzle pieces - showing the connection between Opinions and Purchases
Are Canadian Geographic readers more likely to care about a car’s fuel efficiency than readers of Elle Canada?

Two small puzzle pieces - showing the connection between Activities and Opinions
Are frequent gardeners likely to be open to trying new food products?

Those who have been at SFU for a while will recall seeing many versions of the Vividata/PMB interface. A few people might even remember having to browse through binders of paper reports to get the data they needed. The latest version of this powerful database comes with the best mix of content & functionality I've seen... but it's also one of the more complex to understand and interpret properly. 

Before you dive into the database, check out our new Introduction to Vividata guide. With a small investment of time, you'll learn how to create and interpret a Vividata table, saving you hours of frustration.  (I can say that with confidence, having gone through those hours of frustration before I created the guide!)

All set? Go forth and explore the unknown!

Vividata logo with tagline of "know your audience"


-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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