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New! Online access to APA handbook of industrial and organizational psychology

Published by Mark Bodnar

Great news!  SFU researchers now have online access to the APA handbook of industrial and organizational psychology.

This handbook...

"offers an in-depth examination of the types of behavioral and structural issues that I/O psychologists study every day, from both a theoretical and applied perspective. It explores a natural progression, from how problems are diagnosed to how research is conducted to generate answers to those problems to how interventions are implemented and, finally, to how they are evaluated. It examines what is currently known—including basic historical reviews—and identifies the most pertinent sources of information in both the core and emerging literatures. It pinpoints practical issues, probes unresolved and controversial topics, and looks at future theoretical, research, and practice trends." [Description from the publisher]

The 3 volumes in the handbook are:

  1. Building and developing the organization.
  2. Selecting and developing members for the organization.
  3. Maintaining, expanding, and contracting the organization.

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The APA Handbooks are just a few of the 3000+ titles available in our PsycBOOKS database. Try this rough search to start exploring the business-related content!

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