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Historical Segments data within Compustat -- now available!

Published by Mark Bodnar

SFU researchers now have access to the Historical Segments dataset within Compustat via WRDS.  This dataset contains data from as far back as 1976 on...

  • Customer Segments such as... major customer names, types, and addresses
  • Historical Segments such as... operating segments, geographic segments, and core financials

To access Historical Segments, log in to WRDS, then choose Compustat from the list of Current Subscription on the left side of the screen, then look for Historical Segments in the Compustat Monthly Updates section (it's the third option down on the left side of the screen). Note that this dataset is currently funded for one year on a trial basis -- ending on Dec. 31st, 2014.  We'd love to hear your opinions, as well as any news you have of publications or presentations that have resulted from this specific dataset. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Carla Graebner, Economics Librarian: cgraebne@sfu.ca