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Coming soon: Extended hours for your exam-studying & paper-writing pleasure!

Published November 12, 2014 by Mark Bodnar

Judging by the ranks of serious faces peering at the many computers here in the library, we've hit that magical time of term when folks really focus on their studies. Due dates and exams are looming large, and stress levels are getting high.

What better time to announce that you can soon study all night in a recently renovated building, along with hundreds of like-minded studiers (rather than with your little brother/daughter/roommates bugging you), and amidst millions of deep-thought-inspiring weighty tomes?

Yes, 24/7 openings for the exam period will soon be back at SFU's W.A.C. Bennett (Burnaby) Library, and this time we're starting early. As of next Monday (Nov. 17th), you'll be able to study here for 24 hours a day -- straight through to 10pm, Sunday, Dec. 14th.  That works out to (drum roll...) 662 hours straight.  (Actually, we suggest that you visit your home at some point in that stretch.)

Our Surrey Library will also join the fun with extended hours from Dec. 1st to Dec. 13th: adding "study hall"  hours so that you can study right up to midnight, Monday-Thursday and to 9pm Friday and Saturday.

And if you're among the many who haven't fully explored the wonderful labyrinths that are your libraries, check out these pics of great study spots in all the SFU Libraries.