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Crunch Time! Time, space, advice & resource support via the SFU Library

Published by Mark Bodnar

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From the expressions of many of the people using our libraries these last few days, it's clear that we have hit Crunch Time...

"Crunch Time" definition:  that wonderful time of term when paper deadlines that seemed far away in January now loom so close that they cast a shadow over you. That time when exam study habits vie with procrastination habits for your attention... when you just want a quiet study spot, a word of encouragement, and maybe one last bit of information to cement your argument.

We're here for you!


Time & Space

  • Our usual extended exam-period hours will give you that time you need to study away from your roommates, siblings, fridge, TV, and other distractions. Our Burnaby (WAC Bennett) Library will be open 24/7 from March 20 to April 21, and our Surrey (Fraser) Library will have extended hours from Apr. 2-20.  See this news post for details.
  • Explore our libraries to find some of the hundreds of study spaces available for you. There's sure to be a spot that fits your needs, whether those needs are "quiet with a view" or "busy & bookish." Check out these posts for some suggestions: Study Spaces in the SFU Libraries & Colourful and bright new study space in Bennett

Encouragement & Support

  • Clear your research roadblocks by visiting with a librarian! We're available by online chat, phone, or in person.
  • Join us in our Burnaby Library for a Late Night Against Procrastination (LNAP) on March 24th (5pm-midnight): some quiet space with serious co-studiers, mixed with silent movies, energy-rich food, hula dancing (??) and more. (Registration and $15 fee required for this one.) Details at: Why Struggle Alone?


  • If you just need one more number or chart to round out your argument and close off your essay... consider our newest database, Statista!  Check our earlier post for details and a link into this valuable resource: Numbers at your fingertips: Introducing Statista for SFU researchers! 
  • We also have hundreds of other specialized databases, thousands of journals & magazines and millions of books and ebooks -- but I know that can be information overload at this time of term. Don't forget that you can stop by to chat with a librarian and come away with personalized suggestions about research tools, resources, and strategies. Just don't leave it too late... there's nothing sadder for a librarian than hearing "I've been searching for a  week and I haven't found anything!"


Deep breath... we'll get through the next month together!


-- MarkB​
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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