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Brand new features are now available in Zotero!

Published November 16, 2018 by Chloe Riley

I’m excited to share a number of new features recently released by Zotero.

  • Google Docs plugin. The long-awaited Zotero plugin for Google Docs is now available! Add in-text citations and create a bibliography quickly and easily right in your Google Doc. Available for Chrome and Firefox only, and requires the Zotero Connector to be installed.
  • Improved PDF retrieval with Unpaywall. Zotero recently launched their new integration with Unpaywall, a full-text, openly available repository. If you add an article to your Zotero library and Zotero is unable to find or access the full-text PDF (due to a publisher paywall, for example), Zotero can now use data from Unpaywall to automatically search for an open-access PDF.
  • Scan a barcode to add a book to your Zotero library. Save a book to your Zotero library quickly and easily by scanning the book’s barcode with your iPad or iPhone. This feature is currently only available for iOS 12 for iPad and iPhone, using the Shortcuts app.
  • Create quick bibliographies with ZoteroBib. This new feature allows you to easily and quickly create bibliographies. Copy and paste URLs, DOIs, ISBNs and other identifiers into ZoteroBib, and then export the resulting bibliography. No Zotero account is required, and no software is needed. The bibliography is stored locally, so you can remain in control of all your data. ZoteroBib works on tablets and phones as well as desktop browsers! Check out the FAQ for more information.

There have also some recent changes to Zotero Connector for Safari users. In Safari 12, Apple has begun to discontinue support for external Safari extensions, which unfortunately includes Zotero Connector. Read the Zotero blog post for more details.

Here are the options for Safari users: 

  • Up to Dec 2018, Safari 12 users can install Zotero as a legacy extension through the Safari Extensions Gallery. It's unclear how long after that date Apple will continue to support legacy extensions, or how often Zotero will be able to submit updates to it. However, it's likely this would only continue to work until Safari 13 is released (projected to be Fall 2019).
  • Zotero may decide to develop a new Zotero Connector extension that is compatible with Safari 12, but this extension would have less functionality than the Connectors in Chrome or Firefox. Stay tuned for updates.
  • In the meantime, the Zotero Bookmarklet can be used in Safari (or in any browser that does not have a Zotero Connector installed).
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