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Open Access Week

International Open Access Week is a global, community-driven week of action to open up access to research. The event is celebrated by individuals, institutions, and organizations across the world. This year’s theme is It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Building Structural Equity. Openness can be a powerful tool for building more equitable systems of sharing knowledge. Rebuilding research and scholarship to be open by default presents a unique opportunity to construct a foundation that is fundamentally more equitable. Yet today, structural racism, discrimination, and exclusion are present and persistent in places where openness is a core value. As a global community, it is important to understand that the systems and spaces of the present are often built upon legacies of historic injustice and that addressing these inequities is a necessity.

Established by SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and partners in the student community in 2008, International Open Access Week is an opportunity to take action in making openness the default for research—to raise the visibility of scholarship, accelerate research, and turn breakthroughs into better lives. 

Upcoming workshops

Preparing to Publish [Online]

About the workshop

Graduate students are always encouraged to publish but often without really knowing what that means or how to start. This workshop will focus on navigating the peer review process and will also touch on the topics of open access, choosing a journal, working with an editor, and co-authorship.  It will include a discussion of copyright transfer agreements and licenses and provide insight into publishing venues for assuring your research has the best possible visibility, accessibility, and impact.

A few questions this session will help to answer:

  • How does the publishing cycle work?
  • How can you assess potential publishing venues?
  • What is peer review and how can you respond to reviewer comments?
  • What rights can you retain to your published research?
  • What are predatory publishers and how can you avoid them?


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The latest news and answers to your questions about scholarly publishing and open access.

Watch a film or a talk

Paywall: the Business of Scholarship: Learn about the major academic publishers and open scholarship in this 2018 documentary.

Can we decolonize open?: Keynote presentation from 2019 by Jessie Loyer. Loyer is Cree-Métis and a member of Michel First Nation. Her talk explores equity in open knowledge through a lens of decolonization. She considers how the politics of refusal and an ethic of care might intersect to complicate the open access movement, potentially creating futurities of reciprocity.

OER at SFU: An introduction to Open Education Resources at SFU, filmed for Open Access Week 2020.

Open but not free: invisible labour in open scholarship: For Open Access Week 2018, a panel discussion examining reliance on invisible labour when adapting open access initiatives and how this may impact the sustainability of the open movement.

Tension and Risk in Open Scholarship: A 2017 panel discussion hosted by SFU, UBC, BCIT and BC Campus on themes such as Indigenous and traditional knowledge, ethics and privacy, student-faculty relationships, accessibility and inclusivity, and instructor-institution relationships.

Build your skills in Canvas

SFU Library has developed a free, online Canvas course: Introduction to Scholarly Publishing

Create an open access student journal

Or submit your work to one of SFU's current student journals. Learn more about creating a new open access journal or submitting to an existing SFU journal at Journal Publishing Options with SFU Library.


October 25 - 29