Instructors planning for spring: Learn about the Copyright Clearance Fund

Need copyright clearance for one or two readings? You may be eligible for our new fund.

The SFU Copyright Office is launching a new service this fall: The SFU Copyright Clearance Fund.

This fund covers copyright licensing costs for eligible reading materials used in teaching, providing free online access to the materials for students. The fund is intended to provide for situations in which it is not practical to require students to purchase a whole book or other work, where copyright permission is required, and where it is currently not possible or practical to have students pay directly for the content.

For example, the fund might apply to:

  • a course that has a textbook but also requires two or three chapters from another book to supplement it,
  • a course in which most of the readings are freely available online, with just one or two works needing copyright clearance, or
  • a course requiring copies of a small number of works that don't qualify for fair dealing, such as short stories or poems.

For more information, including eligibility requirements and the request process, see The SFU Copyright Clearance Fund.

Contact for further information
Questions about the Copyright Clearance Fund can be directed to the Copyright Office at