Laptops and equipment borrowing

Fraser Library equipment

Equipment collections at the Fraser Library (SFU Surrey) are divided into 3 groups:

W.A.C. Bennett Library equipment

The equipment collection at the W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby) is available to all students.

Belzberg Library equipment

The equipment collection at the Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver) is available to all students.

Borrowing laptops or other equipment

Laptop and other equipment lending: Policies and responsibilities.

Tripod and camera support
Main Image Title Description and notes Who may borrow Loan Period
Glidecam Smooth Shooter

Designed to work with Glidecam's HD-2000, HD-4000, XR-2000 and XR-4000 units. The Smooth Shooter is the perfect solution for the prosumer video camera weighing up to 5 lbs. Running, going up and down stairs is all possible without camera instability or shake.

IAT 344 IAT 443 IAT 202 2 day
Joby Gorilla Pod mini tripod Joby Gorilla Pod
  • More than two dozen flexible leg joints bend and rotate 360 degrees, to form the perfect shape.
  • Slim-line attachment stays connected to your camera and snaps into the Gorillapod for nearly instant setup.
  • A lock ring provides extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached.
  • Rubberized ring and foot grips provide extra gripping power to grapple extreme surfaces.


IAT 202, IAT 244, IAT 344, IAT 443 2 day
Konova Slider k5

Comes with a Manfrotto 496RC2 Ball Head or Manfrotto MVH500AH Fluid Video Head camera mount.

IAT 344, 443 2 day
Manfrotto 114 dolly

For use with large Manfrotto video tripod (501HDV)

Load Capacity: 132.3 lb / 60 kg

IAT 202, IAT 344, IAT 443 2 day
Manfrotto 488

Manfrotto 486 ball head tripod, for still camera (dSLR with medium size lens) use only

Not suitable for video footage

Load Capacity 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Height 3.75" (9.5 cm)


IAT 202, IAT 244, IAT 344, IAT 443 2 day
Manfrotto 501/701

Manfrotto video tripod with 501HDV or 701HDV fluid tripod head

701HDV load capacity 8.82 lbs (4.2kg)

501HDV load capacity 13.2 (6kg)

IAT 202, IAT 244, IAT 344, IAT 443 2 day
Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

Has a detachable universal smartphone clamp with a shoe mount, on top of a ball-head joint.

Smartphone size:

  • Min: 6cm
  • Max: 10.4cm
7 Days
Manfrotto super clamp Manfrotto Superclamp

The Super Clamp can be securely mounted on any tube from 0.5" to 2.1" and is supplied with a unique wedge insert for clamping onto flat surfaces.  Manfrotto 492 Ball head is included for attaching lightweight camera onto the clamp.

2 day
Manfrotto Tripod

Various model of tripod

2 day
Opteka DSLR camera grip Opteka X-grip

Stability system for DSLR

  • Hot shoe attachment enables you to add a video light or flash
  • Cushioned NBR padded handle alleviates the stress of lengthy filming
  • High-grade ABS impact-absorbent plastic
  • Non-slip rubber rails
  • Shoe mount (removable) for video lights, flashes, or microphones
  • Max camera height: 4.75" (120mm)
  • Dimensions: 8.25" X 9.75" X 3.50" HxLxW (209mm X 247mm X 89mm)
  • Weight: 12.2 oz (345g) without devices
  • Camera not included
IAT 202, IAT 344 2 day