How do I request a book that isn't available? (How do I place a hold?)

What is making a request (or placing a hold)?

You can request (or place a hold on) a book, video, or other item which is:

  • already out on loan (also known as a recall)
  • at the library where you wish to pick it up
  • at another campus library
  • currently "In Process."

In the Library Catalogue, first be sure to sign in, then use the option to place a request for your book (or other material). You can then select the location where you would like to pick it up.

You must be signed into the Catalogue to be able to make a request (or place a hold). 

The book that I want is out. How can I get it when it comes back?

You can recall a book by requesting (or placing a hold on) it in the Library Catalogue.  

Requesting books and other materials the Library doesn't own

To get material from another Library, you can request an InterLibrary Loan (ILL). 

To ask the Library to buy a book we don't currently own, you can suggest a title for purchase.