What is a recall? (Requests for materials that are checked out)

What is a recall?

A recall is a request to have a borrower bring back a semester book before the due date.

Once a book is recalled, the person who has borrowed the book will have three weeks to return it. 

How do I recall a book that someone else has checked out?

Once you have found the book you want in the Library Catalogue, sign in and select "Request item." (Don't see the "Request item" option? Make sure you sign in to the Library Catalogue.)

When the book is returned we will send you a notification and hold it for you.

If your book is recalled

If you have checked out a book and another library borrower requests (recalls) it, you will receive a notification telling you to return the book to the library within three weeks. 

To see if someone else has recalled any of your books view your library record.

More questions?

For more about signing in and requesting items, see Why and how should I sign into the Library Catalogue?